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10 Great SEO Link Building Tips for New Website

seo link building

If you are wondering about increasing traffic to your newly developed website, then you are in the right place. There is nothing rocket science to increase the traffic to your new site. This could be difficult if you are not doing it in the right way. The process of link building for the new sites is quite different from those websites who are already growing. If you use the poor techniques of link building, then your efforts could be wasted even at the initial stages of development. At starting your site must be recognized by the search engines. Here are the top ten link building tips for a new website.

  1. Get listed on the Top Quality Directories

If you wanted to conversant your site to search engines, then you have to put your site to the top quality directories available on search engines. Here are some of the top quality sites like JoeAnt,, Yahoo! Directory and Best of the Web, etc. The specialty of this directory is to send the most positive trustworthy signals to search engine regarding your site.

  1. Submission of Press Releases (PR)

This is also a good way to increase the traffic of your newly developed site. A good way is to submit the Press Releases to PR sites. At the initial level, your site might be possible not liked by the majority of the people, but you must have to do something different as compared to your competitors in your industry. If you will produce something great that would be eye-catching and debatable for visiting your site became popular within no time. PRNewswire, PRWeb, and PRleap are some of the top sites that can spread your news about your recent launch to maximum numbers of people around the world.

  1. Send Closed Beta Invites

This tip is helpful for both of the sites either your site is at initial or growing level. You can send blasts out to some of the power bloggers like AAM Consultants and can introduce your closed beta. If your application is good, then there would be high possibilities that you will get positive and strong links to your site. Moreover, these power bloggers will guide you more about the use of your web application. Resultantly, your site would get huge traffic to your site.

  1. Start Blogging

Content is king, and in this era of the digital world, no one can deny from the importance of high-quality content. If your site is new and you wanted to increase the traffic of your site then start blogging and write on some interesting topics related to your field. People search about these topics and will redirect to your site. This is the quickest techniques to tell the search engines about your website as well as this are the most effective tools for SERPs.

  1. Blog Commenting

This is also a unique way to do link building. If you wanted to get no follow links from any top authority website, then you can do blog commenting. Become the part of any discussion forum and leave your link of the site in your discussion. Make a record with yourself; either your link got listed there or not because it is not compulsory that your link is activated on that site. So, if you make a list of all the blog commenting sites where you are done commenting would be beneficial to do accordingly.

  1. Chamber of Commerce

This is the most powerful tip of link building. Majority of the people are not aware of it, but this will provide you a high-quality backlink to your site forever. In this step, you have to contact your Chamber of Commerce and request them to provide you a link for your site. They might verify your site, so this is a little bit time taking process, but if your contact is made to the exact person, then you will get a guaranteed link. Majority of the top-ranked sites got a link from there.

  1. Company Directory Submission

This is the same technique to submit your site in the general directory. This is also known as the business directory. If you wanted to raise your site in the business community, then you have to submit your site in the list of companies’ directory submission. Like if you wanted to start up in NYC, then the business directory submission would be a solid link.

  1. Create an RSS Feed

If your blog is running on some popular Content Management System like WordPress, then you might be possible already using RSS feed. If you don’t; then use this one because it is helpful to protect your written content on your site. Numerous sites are stealing your content without your permission. You have to internally link the other pages of your site to your content. In this way, if any scraper doesn’t like your content, he will copy your internal links at least.

  1. Email Signatures

This is the most commonly used technique of link building. Suppose you send out 100 emails to different people daily basis then you can add your site in the signature of your email. This is also an effective way to grab some extra people like extra fifty plus people to your site through your email signature. I know this is not too much in numbers, but you know it requires zero efforts. You can add your signatures by simply following the setting area of your email.

  1. Offline Marketing

This is the most commonly using tip by the majority of website owners. In this way, they put the link of their sites on their visiting cards, broachers, display cards and stickers put on the backside of vehicles. These vehicles will move all around in the city and whenever any person sees the link of your site that might be possible they visit your site. This is also called offline marketing. This is also away from the computer but can be effective to create the brand image of your business and brand awareness.

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