10 Steps to Make Your Event a Grand Success

Steps to Make Your Event a Grand Success

1. Plan your event

The first step for any event is a proper blueprint of your plan. The planning has to be rock solid, as this is the base. At the planning stage, you can do a permutation and combination of formats, artists, and other aspects to make your event look good on paper. Decide the purpose and format of the event.

2. Allocation of the budget

Budget is the most crucial part of any event. It is a tough task to generate decent financial back up for an event. Most of the time you end up with budget constraints, hence, it’s better to strategize your budget. Make sure you have divided the budget into two parts, tentative budget, and maximum budget.

3. Check the location

Location plays a crucial role in the success of the event. If the venue of your event is in a remote location then no matter how attractive the event is no one likes to travel to an inaccessible location. Therefore, it’s wise to choose a transport-friendly location. Also, it’s recommendable to properly lock the venue keeping in mind unforeseeable situations. Once, I had organized a live concert event with the sold-out crowd but the owner of the space backed out at the last moment without giving any explanation.

4. It’s all about the team game

Organizing an event has many parts, and all the parts need to be dealt with proper care. To carry out each responsibility you need a team of dedicated and talented people who are both creative and effective. There are many instances in an event when strange situations occur; you need a team of people who can smoothly deal with the situation.

5. Publicity

There is never a right time when it comes to publicity. The sooner you start with your marketing the better it is for your event. The type of event, its target audience, and the budget all determine the strategy. Create a tagline which attracts audiences immediately. Keep posting articles about your event to generate curiosity among the audience.

6. Booking artists

Every event has a star attraction which attracts the crowd. Online artist booking sites brings to you a large collection of artists in a platter with their rates and availability. Once an artist is finalized you can utilize the artist’s name to grab more attention.

7. Plan surprises

Everybody likes surprises. To add spice to your event you can plan some exciting surprises for the crowd. Nowadays, the time span of a person’s concentration is so less that you need to pay attention to keep them hooked. Plant two to three surprise elements in the schedule to increase the entertainment quotient of your event. Understand your target audience and plan accordingly.

8. Quality of service

There is an old saying that even if you are correct for 99% of your life, you are always judged for that 1% that goes wrong. So, even if one small aspect of your event fails to meet the expectation of the crowd, the event will fall apart. Always, be polite and friendly to the audience; try to be a good listener and a great problem solver. Mistakes are bound to happen so rather than worrying about it, be smart enough to tackle the situation properly.

9. Last minute check before the final showdown

It’s advisable to take a closer look at all the department before the final showdown. Distribute printed document of the event schedule to every member of the team so that they are aware of their task. Check whether the location has been forwarded to the artists, guests, and other noted personalities.

10. Audience reaction

Organizing an event is a tedious and thankless job. Hardly the audience gets to know the event organizers they only appreciate the star performers. But it’s not the end. You are going to organize more events in the future and therefore you need to learn from your last experience. Don’t shy away from collecting as many feedbacks possible of the logistics, speakers, performers, locations, and the organizing team to get a detailed assessment of your effort. The assessment will help you to dodge mistakes next time you organize an event.

Lastly, no matter whatever event you organize be loyal, honest and confident.

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