3 Extremely Heavy Pieces of Machinery that get a lot of Work Done!

3 Extremely Heavy Pieces of Machinery

Extremely Three Heavy Pieces of Machinery

There was a time when movies like ‘The Transformers’ were only movies and absolutely nothing in resemblance to them was ever around us. Well, this in no way means that machines that looked extremely fancy never existed, it just means they weren’t of use for an individual

’s daily routine.

These machines might be a pleasant sight for people who have always been fascinated by the likes of automated machinery like the Caterpillar Ecm Repair. However, for some people, these machines are still relatively new and come as a shock, ask your grandpa!

Here are three machines that we think fit the bill for being extremely heavy and also rather useful to have in their relevant arenas:

  1. The Rock Wheel

The Rock Wheel

This beast looks like it is going to harm you. No, seriously, it does. However, it does the opposite of that. Unless, of course you are determined to lie right in front it. Anyway, a rock wheel is basically a giant circular saw on treads that helps cut trenches through solid rock as well as concrete.

Sure, it has the potential to kill you but not if you don’t mess with and use it appropriately it is extremely useful. The machine doesn’t make a lot of sound, either and has low vibrations which makes it a very common choice to make for excavators for the process of trenching, to be specific.

It is often used for scrabbling, tunnelling, demolishing, quarrying and scaling. Luckily for you, so far, the machine has only been used to do all of these things and actions to buildings and the ground!


  1. The Chain TrencherThe Chain Trencher

It looks like a chainsaw. That really should be hint enough for the kind of heavy duty activities and actions the trencher can very well perform. Again, not to kill you, but can kill you. Hey, we’re just trying to keep to safe.

Well, about the machine itself, it is more or less a chainsaw with wheels and is often used for making gashes in the ground and helps laying pipe underneath. It can go as deep as 24 and as wide as 5 feet and if you can’t do the math in your head right now, let us help. That is pretty good.

As heavy as it might look, it isn’t as heavyweight as the Rock Wheel we talked about earlier. That weirdo goes about cutting through solid rock and what not! This guy is more of a getting-through-the-dirt kind. Gets the job done rather well though!

  1. The Walking Harvester

The Walking Harvester

The idea of functions of a Walking Harvester are very similar to that of a lumberjack. The plus point of this particular giant is that it can rather efficiently cross terrain that a machine with wheels might not be able to. It also clears out trees like a boss. Well, not exactly like a boss, climate change is real. But you get the idea, right?

It might sound horrible that we’re talking about cutting trees down and saving the planet in the same sentence but behold! A Walking Harvester isn’t your everyday track or wheel trying to eat a forest up! The fact that it doesn’t tear up the ground around the area selected for harvesting, makes it one of the most environmentally friendly machine to have around. Okay, fine, we placed environmentally friendly and machine again together on purpose because we like to juxtapose!

However, none of that takes away from the fact that the machine is absolutely efficient at what it does regardless of the less number of these present. Looking at how efficient it has been, there are very high chances of the production multiplying by a great number especially owing to its applications in construction and even military!

Do you have any heavy duty machines that you’d like to share with us? And no, your PlayStation doesn’t count.

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