3 Most Beautiful Coastal Cities In Europe

Coastal Cities In Europe

What are the three most beautiful coastal cities that all of Europe has to offer? If your mind straightaway races to the glamorous decadence of the French Riviera or the rustic charm of the islands of Greece, then you’re thinking in the right direction. However, Europe has plenty more to offer which is exactly what we’ll be delving into today. Here is a trio of coastal cities also extremely deserving of the crown of the continent’s most prized possession.

1) Kotor, Montenegro

Kotor is home to a pair of breathtaking islets cast in a backdrop encompassing domineering black mountains standing over reflective bay waters to realize an enchanting picturesque outlook that can be underwhelmingly described as amazing. A quick glance across the town reveals an endearing medieval architecture consisting of 15th-century churches, minute squares, and winding streets sandwiched by beguiling antique and jewelry shops of all manner. Across the Mediterranean in its entirety, only this coastal town has managed to completely preserve past-century fortifications giving it the appearance of a city still at the heart of an ancient era. The Cathedral of Saint Typhon is certainly the perfect epitome of this with this 7th-century establishment barely looking a day old from the time it was built save for the worn out coats of paint and faded rooftops. Stoney beaches alongside magical waterfront restaurants round off the town’s periphery quite splendidly.

2) Split, Croatia

Delicately balancing the appeal of vibrant modernity and the nostalgic historical theme of yesteryears, Split is a lovely Croatian town with a little bit of something for everyone. Alluring modern day buildings are in the minority with Venetian and roman-styled structures taking the lion’s share of occupancy providing the image of a town frozen in time. The coastal views encompassing sun-soaked beaches, beautiful palm treasures, and enticing sea promenades are indescribably stunning and so too is the collection of attractive islands just a stone’s throw away. Split’s arguably most notable highlight is the UNESCO branded Diocletian’s palace that harbors intriguing tales and sumptuous sights numbering in the centuries. There is a similar story on display throughout the town which is best experienced via the convenience of a Split taxi at the hands of an experienced local who knows the town’s treasures like the back of the hand.

3) Kas, Turkey

Over the years, opinions have been split as to whether Turkey is classified as part of the Middle East or a European state however if there is one thing everyone agrees on, it’s that Turkey avails a coastal beauty like no other. Kas, in particular, is a sumptuous highlight of the gorgeousness of this part of the Mediterranean stretch that encompasses lovely turquoise water fronts greeted by endless lovely sands and overlooked by beautifully curved peaks with hairs of overflowing forest green. The town’s history is dotted with well-preserved imprints of the Lycian with centuries-old sarcophagi evident across roads and shallow waters and Lycian tombs hidden away in the depths of various mountains. Beside spectacular coastal scenery, the salt-rich waters necklacing the quiet town of Kas serve up fished-filled bays excellent for diving and an enticing environment perfect for swimming.

Other breathtaking coastal cities worth a mention include Slovenia’s Piran, Crete in Greece, San Sebastian in Spain and France’s very own Saint-Tropez.

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