4 Best Luxury Destinations in Morocco – The African Kingdom

4 Best Luxury Destinations in Morocco

Sounds amazing, right? To have all the luxuries in the world and the expensive tastes year round the clock and have no worry in the world? Well, the world is no bubble bath and not everything is as fine as wine in reality. As long as we are aware of our realities, you’d know how life actually works. But having luxuries is not a necessity but it’s a way of life some has adapted simply because they can afford to do it.

Let it be any place in the world and you can easily catch up with these folks, either it is celebrities or some novel couple hanging on their yachts at a beach holiday it seems pretty amazing for afar. Monaco, Hawaii, Caribbean Islands or Niagara Falls.. each represents the iconic holiday destinations one can easily relate to.

A fine glass of red wine,

A fine touché of a cigar

And a bubble bath….

Living with all the money you aren’t going to take it to your deathbed so why not make happy memories in such places? It’s better to die with memories rather than just dreams. And so quench your thirst of going on Morocco luxury holidays at the destination of your dreams.

Under Roof of Africa…

There are some splendid destinations to go to for a luxury holiday but Morocco is the next sweet spot you have to visit at least once. Once you get acquainted with this place you’d know how easily you can adjust to it.

Your vulnerable dreams need a location where you are invisible but yet in the soaring sky at the same time. Working hard all our lives will never be enough until we make something out of it. Each year is a new destination. Live that moment in Morocco, under the roof of Africa, where the culture meets the modern age and its simply beguiling.

 Choosing the Top Locations: Where to and How to?

Each city in Morocco has its own story to tell. The character and novelty are unique with the sister countries are what makes Morocco unique personality. And so does the cities here are such a depiction of what can be offered easily.

1. Marrakech and Sofitel

The red city famous for not only its size but the souks, the architecture, and the old medina alleys are what makes it attractive to tourists looking for some crazy day in Africa. Infused with the marginal entity of the natural beauty and the architectural forums, this city is a big attraction point once can imagine.

The imperial city sited back to the Berber Empire that so vastly ruled the region. You can visit the biggest of the souks in Morocco namely, Jemma el- Fna, and go to the garden house, Jardin Majorelle and other attraction points are just a startup for the luxury span of holidays in Morocco.

Make it a luxury holiday stay at Sofitel at Hivernage in Marrakech, just right in the middle of the hustling and bustling city you will find peace and serenity at this luxurious spot. Walking down the grand entrance, palm trees on each side and such lush green ambiance will pursue you to take a calm deep breath. It is that much marvelous.

The inside built fountains right the great foyer and the décor is simply outstanding and not to mention the cuisine with French and Moroccan menu wait for the bite to be taken.

2. Fes and Sahrai

The imperial city and having the honor badge of the oldest city of Morocco, Fes, is the cultural and historical ground in this African kingdom. Taking you back to the old times, it’s a sense of nostalgia once you enter the gates and everything seems out of Aladdin. There’s no Aladdin in this scenario (sorry to break your hearts girls) but you can become one!

The city is a true wonder of Fes El Bali walled medina interacted with the historical architecture and old-world atmosphere. Spending time in Fes, focusing on the long term planning you can have your luxurious stay at Sahrai Hotel. One of the five stars especially in the orientation manner, you will thoroughly feel accepted by the warm welcome of the professional staff and the steady flow of services is just top notch.

Not only this but the built-in restaurant, LE Relais de Paris, with the best French food you can devour with a cozy ambiance by the poolside. The themed rooms and bathrooms are spacious and well the good contrast of middle eastern and urban interior.

3. Tetouan and Banyan Tree Tamouda Bay

At the foothills of the Riff mountains, in the north is the Moroccan Sicily, Tetouan. Only a few kilometers away from the sea, this city is iconic in its own way. Most tourists tend to travel bigger fish cities like Marrakech, Rabat and such but this city offers a great deal in the aspects of the city tours, the beachy coastlines and let’s not forget the UNESCO World Heritage sites which have been preserved for several centuries.

With the Mediterranean view, the exceptional resort of Banyan Tree Tamouda Bay offers a great relaxation spot with the exceptional villas and spacious indoor installments with the privacy you look for during a perfect stay of the holiday.

The spa treatments are medicine to your aching muscles after sea surfing or snorkeling the day off and get a head start of each day with a yoga class while you can let kids have their own fun time at the Kids Club.

4. Casablanca and Four Seasons

Casablanca and Four Seasons

And then there is the fantastic port city and a commercial hub which is hard to miss in western Morocco facing the majestic waves of Atlantic Ocean. The fusion of French colonial legacy is identifiable easily in the enormous architectures and the European art deco and the Muslim Moorish style is the most prominent. It a truly historical city in Morocco showing off its valuable legacy for everyone to come in contact with and encounter the best of the history.

Four Season is like the shining star in the largest city, with its chic décor, marble floors, and grand chandeliers and the walk-in closets in the room make you feel surrounded with a hotel of your dream. The rooms are beautiful with the sophisticated interior and the view to the beach it’s a perfect spot.

Having a luxurious way of traveling can be a blessing and a curse. A blessing because it feels good to be pampered and curse because you just can’t stop wanting for more. Have any of the four best destinations with the best hotels and resorts to enhance your encounter in Morocco.

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