4 ways to teach literature in 21st Century!

4 ways to teach literature in 21st Century!

Children love to read books of Roald Dahl and Judy Blume. But, the same children hate to read classic stories and novel. They find the books of Charles Dickens and Charlotte Bronte very simple and boring.
But, those classic books are important to be taught in classes to make them expressive and convincing communicators who would be able to live in this world with respect by adopting all cultures and customs.
That’s why teachers need to change their methods of teaching them literature and classics.
But what methods, they can adopt to make them lovers of Shakespeare and The Great Expectations.

There are many ways to change the likes and dislikes of children, yet some of them are:

  • Theatre Plays:
    Teachers can organize plays on Oliver Twist and Macbeath in school at high level in auditorium. They can ask students to participate in this act. They should take auditions before finalizing the student and then they have to call them many times for practice. Moreover, they can ask any small theatre house to give them clothes for a day.
    Thus, an eye-gluing performance and attractive clothes besides darkness in whole room and lightning on stage which should have perfect mic system will definitely make the students to watch it with opened eyes. But remember, play some music or tone behind too to keep their interest developed.
  • Discussions:
    After watching the play, teacher should discuss the play informally with them that what was their favourite character. He or she should ask them to give their views on the play. If they won’t find it worth-watching, ask them that why they did not find with worthy to watch. Give them reason that why it should be watched. He or she can make a big circle and ask each of them to tell separately. They should discuss the dialogues and clothes beside acting and stage friendly. In this way, their interest will be developed in theatre and script writing. And most importantly, they learn to talk.
  • Picture and Reading Material:
    Instead of having complete pages which would have written stories, the books should have interest binding pictures of Oliver and his friends working so hard in the fields that make students to read it. Each page should have pictures and fact-full boxes in which there should be given the real information of the writer and reason of the writer that why he had written this story or any other facts.
  • Give time to each dialogue:
    No doubt, many play and classic novels have very simple story, yet double meaning dialogues. And that’s what students find the most complicated. Teachers can make such dialogues less complicated to understand by asking each child that what they had understood and then explaining it by himself or herself by showing them videos. He or she can explain it herself or himself completely without using any video or multimedia. But, he or she should bind the interest completely of the whole class.

So, these are the four ways of making the literature interesting for children to study.
It is important to teach literature, but the interest of children should not be neglected. Therefore, we should make the lectures full of fun and interest binding, so that they can be better communicators, essay writers or dissertation writing help UK and be able to live any kind of society or country peacefully.



4 ways to teach literature in 21st Century!

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