5 apps with which you can make money (even with your selfies)

5 apps with which you can make money (even with your selfies)

Did you know that there are apps with which you can make money? So is! The best part is that you do not have to do much. 

It is enough that you see a video or take photos with your mobile to start seeing an entry. If you still do not believe it, take a look at this list to be encouraged to try some of these applications.


Stylinity: This application is perfect if you like selfies. All you have to do is take a picture in your favorite store and scan the barcodes of the clothes you take when you take a selfie

Then, you have to share the photo on your social networks and every time someone buys a product thanks to your photo, this app will reward you with points that can be converted into money or new clothes!

Foap: With this app you can sell the photos you take with your smartphone. The coolest thing is that your images could be bought by companies like MasterCard, Absolute Vodka, Hyatt and other companies. 

The application is free and for each photo you sell, you get $ 5.00. Yes, the photos have to be approved by the team and meet certain standards to be sold.

Popular Pays: This app also allows you to earn money with your photos. Of course, to be able to access different brands that are part of this network such as Nike, Google, Coca Cola, and others; you must have at least 500 followers. 

Once you activate your account, you will see different missions to execute, you must choose the one you like the most with the rate you want to charge and within 30 days the brands will contact you if you are interested.

Ibotta:  Save each time you go to the supermarket and receive cash back with the receipt of your purchase. All you have to do is download the application and look at the list of products that are on offer. 

Each product shows you the amount of money you can save. To have access to this promotion, you must complete some activities such as reading about the product, answering a small survey, etc. Once you’ve done it, you should go to the supermarket to buy those products. When you arrive at your house you scan the receipt and in a few days deposit the money you saved.

Inbox dollars: With this application you can receive money every time you answer a survey, browse the internet or read an email. The money is deposited into your account, once you earn $ 30. The best of all is that, unlike other apps, this one is super easy to manage.

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