5 Best Tricks to Loss Weight

Loss Weight

Losing weight, without a diet? Yes. And these are the keys.

If you’re tired of going hungry, if you do not want to give up chocolate, if you do not want to saturate your body with protein, follow the advice we give you and you’ll see how the scale smiles at you.

1: I want something sweet: Loss Weight

Okay, but be smart. If you have an irresistible desire to take something sweet to your mouth, be it an ounce of dark chocolate, an inflated rice pancake, a homemade sweet, a pair of whole sugar-free crackers, yogurt with Agave syrup or a piece of fruit.

But if you are capable, wait a few minutes and instead of eating sweet, take something salty and more nutritious, for example, a small sandwich of tuna or Iberian ham, a French omelet or a handful of nuts.

They will satisfy your hunger (eating sweet you will want more sweet in a short time), they will provide you with fewer calories and more nutrients. The important thing is to get out of the “sugar wheel” and take “real” foods.

2: When and how?

Like I said before, many times it is not the food itself but those who fatten you how and when you eat them. For example, hydrates are recommended in the morning or at noon if afterward, you will make a physical effort, but not at night when they would accumulate during sleep.

For dinner, proteins are much lighter, especially if you have exercised since they are the food of the muscles. It is also important to combine food well: pasta and proteins always “marry” with vegetables, but they do not go very well together since they result in dishes that are too caloric and difficult to digest.

The way of cooking food is also essential: better fresh, steamed, baked or grilled.

3: Be your own chef

Join the fashion Tupperware and take the food to the office, so you have the security of knowing what you bring to your mouth. Outside the home, and “from the menu”, it is difficult for the oil used for frying to be olive, for food to be fresh or for fats to be unsaturated.

In addition, it is easy to fall into the temptation of sauces, bread, and sweet desserts. Buy and cook. Discover the pleasure of going to the market and discovering unrefined foods in organic supermarkets. Cooking can also be a relaxing activity and, above all, you can control the quantities, ingredients, and preparation. Out of home.

If you have no choice but to eat in the restaurant, take dishes whose ingredients are visible (fish or grilled meats, for example), run away from the sauces and for dessert, drink an infusion. If you can choose, better Japanese food.

4: Take care of your muscles

They are the best allies of your metabolism. Having your muscle mass fit will mean burning more calories at rest since muscle consumes a lot of energy.

It is also the best guarantee for not suffering the dreaded “yo-yó effect” if your boiled egg diet and to maintain your weight stable. Cardio + toning. This is the best combination to lose weight, cardiovascular exercise is not enough, so do not kill yourself spinning and enter more in the body pump classes, yoga or in the machine room.

In addition, maintaining a good muscle tone is what will make your body stay young and have an athletic look, with all your curves in place and without flaccidity.

5: Move more

You already know that exercise is a great ally to maintain weight and not have to diet. But sport is not only done in the gym or on the paddle court.

If you add activity to your day to day, especially at certain times, you will not stop consuming calories. Active gestures Leave the car and go walking or subway to work (it’s a great gym), go up the stairs instead of using the elevator (if you go up the steps two by two you will tone your buttocks), take a walk after eating, install a elliptical machine at home, join the fashion of biting, play with your kids, make love … all sum physical activity and subtracts calories at the end of the day.

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