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5 Door Lock Mistakes That Could Have Been Avoided

Door Lock Mistakes

Door locks are the most important feature for everyone’s houses. If you think about the security of your house, the first thing that comes into your mind is the door lock—this the primary safety equipment for your house. Without a proper door lock, there is no meaning of a door. The door lock has to be secure and hard to break. Door locks usually are quite good at making your house secured. There are different types and patterns of door locks.

Those price ranges vary according to the models and designs of the door locks. But what if you make a mistake yourself while locking the door? This kind of thing happens several times and frequently. When something goes wrong with the front door locks, people get confused and can’t decide what to do. They can’t even decide how they can enter the home. Here we are providing a detailed guide about the common mistakes that people do with the door locks. You should avoid these mistakes to avoid any unwanted circumstances.

5 door lock mistakes to avoid

Loose door locks and doorknobs

When it is coming to a door lock, there are multiple components and moving parts inside a door lock. These parts unitedly keep the door lock working. These parts include screws, nuts, and other moving portions. If one of them gets loose or gets damaged, the door lock will not work properly. In this case, you should call a local locksmith before having a serious issue with your door lock. Many people leave the door lock in that way, and later on, they can’t open the door, or they get themselves locked as the door lock doesn’t work. That’s a mistake, and you should call a locksmith as soon as you find any issues. 

Door locks that are not aligned properly

This is a common problem for door locks. Sometimes the strike plates or the functioning bolts inside the lock get misaligned. In this case, you can never open the door or use the door lock properly. The latch doesn’t work properly, and there is a high possible chance that you can lock yourself inside or outside of your house. In this case, also, you should consult a locksmith to get that fixed.

The broken part of a key

This frequently happens when you put the key inside the lock, and suddenly, the key gets broken. The broken part stays inside the keyhole. That time you cannot get that broken part out, and you can even enter the duplicate key. Here, you surely have to call up a locksmith who extracts broken key parts. Don’t try doing something on your own otherwise;, you’ll make the condition worse.

 Jammed latches and locks

This is a common issue, and this happens due to the rust mostly, and in this case, the lock gets jammed. Many people think that pouring some oil drops will clear the jam, but that doesn’t work for sure. Contact the local door lock service and consult what to do further. 

Blocked keyhole

Sometimes, the keyhole of the door lock gets full of dirt. Hence you can’t enter the key to open or close the door. Regular cleaning of the keyhole helps you to avoid this problem. 

These are the most common door lock issues that almost everyone has faced. We have provided you how to deal and avoid these issues. You must follow the points and keep your door lock safe. 

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