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5 Quick Summer Cleaning Tips

Summer Cleaning Tips

Day by day the sun is showing his real face to humans. Lots of humidity, scorching heat, sweaty body, lots of fluid intakes, and deep cleaning of the house represents summer. In Bangalore, some people enjoy this season while in some other states like Odisha, Jharkhand, and Rajasthan people are dealing with the highest temperature in summer. Although the weather is hot, and the sun is shining, summer means some unique messes.

In this blog, you can get some summer cleaning tips and tricks that will make your sunny day more enjoyable. Use these five easy tips to keep your house clean and organized during the summer season.

Floor Cleaning

floor cleaning

Wiping of surfaces is extremely crucial if you stay in an area which is highly exposed to humidity. A bathroom can be an example, which is continually exposed to moisture. A quick cleaning tip to keep these spaces clean is to, just wipe down the surfaces with a damp cloth at the end of each day to ensure water spots and mildew doesn’t set in.

Engage your kids

kids cleaning

During summer, kids don’t have to go to school and staying at home for them, you can understand what that means. Yes, it means free cleaning help! Let them do so house cleaning work like ask them to put their dirty clothes in a hamper, place dirty dishes in the sink, fold washed and dried clothes and store them in wardrobe and supporting their younger brothers or sisters in studies or doing some brainy activities. Even older girls or boys can help you in vacuuming or wiping down the surfaces.

Hose down the Doormats


Schools remain closed during summer, and your house will be full of guests and kids. So, it is apparent that you will get lots of footstep, muddy shoes who do frequently in and out of the house. It is the perfect time to teach your children washing their feet each time they enter the house and regularly hose off the carpets and rugs, at least once a week. It may not be a strict house cleaning tip, but it can surely save you from germs and muddy footprints.

Wash your outside furniture


You can clean your outdoor furniture while cleaning carpets and rugs. But as it involves plenty of water, local water regulations, especially in Bangalore can discourage you from a full cleaning. In this situation, use a sponge to rub down the dust from your outside furniture at least once in every alternative week. The tables and chairs get lots of traffic during summer which leads to the build-up of dirt and grime.

Scrape the grill


This is the perfect barbeque season, so you need to keep your barbecue in working condition. Make sure the grill is off but still warm. Then eagerly use a wire brush to keep the bits, meats pieces, sauce, and other stuff from accumulating on your grill and making it difficult to remove the mass. Believe it; it is way better than chipping away at the crusty remaining of previous meals for half an hour.

We hope, you liked the blog and will enjoy your summer to the fullest. If it still seems irritating or impossible to think about house deep cleaning in Whitefield, Bangalore, then give us a call at 080-46535800. TechSquadTeam home deep cleaning service experts are always ready to serve at their best effort and techniques.

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