5 Reasons Why It Is A Pleasant Thing for a Hairdresser to Be Friendly

A professional hairdresser that is loved by clients does not just possess outstanding skills learned from hairdressing courses, training and experience but also carries a pleasing personality. Yes, personality is highly important, and clients, especially the first-timers, look forward to have friendly hairdressers to work on their requests.

If you are a hairdresser or a soon-to-be, you must know that being a friendly, approachable and kind hairdresser has huge effects on your clients’ perception of the whole business, of the services and of you. It also does something on their satisfaction. In reality, there are rude and inhospitable “professionals”, but you should not be one of them.

Below are 5 reasons why being a companionable hairdresser is favorable for you and your clients:



A hairdresser works in a beauty establishment where people go not only for grooming and hygiene but also for rest and relaxation. What sets the atmosphere for clients, aside from the ambiance, the music or television show, is you, the staff. If you know how to welcome with energy and huge smiles those tired and worn out clients, they can get comfortable in no time! First-time customers will feel very much appreciated as warm greetings and meaningful initial conversations happen without awkwardness.

Being friendly also means you get to connect with your clients, share stories together and even talk about random topics that come to the table. In this way, your clients become at ease talking just about anything even if you’re actually strangers at first to each other.

You can build good friendships here too by starting the “getting to know each other” stage while you’re cutting your client’s long hair. You make new friends which can eventually continue even when you’re outside of the hairdressing salon.



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When the queue is a bit long, you know how some clients become very impatient. Some burst out their annoyance by expressing how slow the service is and such. Meanwhile, for the calm ones, they just say that they’ll come back some other time because they can’t wait any longer.

Use your friendly skills by entertaining the bored clients in such times. Talk to them. Ask them about their day or just any relevant thing that can start a senseful conversation. When you see waiting clients in line, you can approach them and ask them how they’re doing.

For you not to lose clients just so easily, do something like knocking their walls down and talking to them just like meeting a new friend. Waiting becomes more bearable if they’re speaking with somebody and not just spending the whole time on their smartphones and tablets.



When clients see that the hairdresser is someone they can easily talk to and speak to honestly and without fear, they can freely and kindly tell you their requests.

Sometimes, when some hairdressers look strict or uninterested, some clients get afraid or shy to say what they want to say. It may be a bit of a positive for hairdressers who don’t like doing a good job, but for the good professionals, it’s a bad thing because that reflects the attitude that clients evaluate from you. There’s a huge chance that they won’t be fully satisfied with the hairstyle they’ll get.



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If you’re a hairdresser who’s friendly with kids as well and not only with adults, then you have a big advantage. It’s a way for more opportunities for you because that just means you can work on almost if not all ages. You are more flexible than those who just prefer working on big ones.

Most kids are not easy to deal with when it comes to haircutting or hairstyling. They are often naughty and playful. Some even cry and get tantrums because they don’t want to have their hair done. Being a friendly hairdresser in general can give you additional wit and patience to deal with such stressful situations.



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When your business lies on your clients, the most important thing for you to aim at is making them come back again and again and again until it feels like home for the both of you. If they find something that makes them return and have their hair be taken care of, they will absolutely have no reason to go to other stores and find other services. Be that something, but a “someone”.




Customers do not only look for services that will give them good results but will also make them feel welcomed, at home and relaxed. If the environment is straining and if the situations do not happen the way they properly should, then a little light of a friend in you can make things less dim.



Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for MD College of Australia, a Registered Training Organisation delivering quality education and training in fields under the Beauty Industry. Her writing pieces include topics on beauty school and the chief courses a good one must have such as beauty therapy, makeup, barbering and hairdressing courses. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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