5 Surprising Benefits of Buying the Best Smart TV in India

Best Smart TV in India

TV technologies have actively evolved over a few years, and one of the latest trends storming the market is Smart TV. A Smart television can help you access all your favourite content on platforms such as Hotstar and Netflix, along with other apps. You can also stream your favourite movies and watch it without breaks on a large VarianceTv. If you are unaware of the benefits of buying the best Smart TV in India, then you can go through this article to know more. Read on and learn more!

What is Smart TV?

Smart TV is the perfect amalgamation between your television and the internet. Along with the regular satellite programs that you receive on your TV via your DTH platform; you can also access content and programs on the web on it.

Smart TV benefits that you can enjoy

1. Best of both worlds in one device

The vital advantage of buying the best Smart TV in India is accessing the best content of both worlds in a single device. Yes, it is as opposed to having a Blu-ray player with a large screen TV and the needed hardware for connectivity. Many leading TV manufacturing companies such as LG, Samsung, MI, and others have already launched their Smart TVs in India.

What’s more, Smart TVs also come with Operating System such as WebOS by LG and Android OS by MI. It helps the television function fast and without lagging issues, especially while using it for web functionalities.

2. Simplicity and convenience

An average person may have many remotes on a table, trails of cable wires, a laptop or a PC and mobile device for accessing the web and phones for taking calls. That means too much clutter in a single place! Hence, when you have a Smart TV, you can easily avoid having too many remotes and unwanted things around.

You can sit back and start browsing your preferred websites, stream episodes of web series on platforms like Netflix and Hotstar and do much more. Overall, Smart TV brings a whole lot of simplicity and convenience in a single device.

3. One remote control

You just got to know that you can use only one remote control instead of using many for your DVD players, sound systems, Xbox and devices linked with home entertainment center. It is because a Smart TV remote is loaded with a keyboard and has an optical mouse for easy interaction. You can easily configure all the controls on the remote to accommodate home entertainment centers control.

Some Smart TV companies offer a remote control with two interfaces. On one side of the remote, it is a standard QWERTY keyboard, and on the other side, you have the television’s controls. You can simply add an optical mouse, and you are good to go.

Other Smart TV players include a full-sizes keyboard that you can make it work as an option. It becomes convenient if you wish to undertake and perform computing tasks or work using the Smart TV as your computer screen.

4. Easy social networking

Many of the best Smart TV in India now offers connectivity to social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. It helps television viewers to prepare for next-generation technologies, including being able to share videos with friends with comments. This way, a Smart TV may also make it dead easy to share their TV programs with family and friends irrespective of their geographical locations.

5. USB connectivity

Smart TVs are equipped with enough number of USB connectivity ports. It lets everyone in the family to connect their devices to a TV promoting family time. The availability of USB connectivity means that you can easily connect devices like your digital camera and upload content for sharing on social media websites.

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