5 Tips on How To Plan A Surprise Anniversary Party for Your Parents

Surprise Anniversary Party for Parents

Your parent’s anniversary is a milestone that deserves only the best of parties. If you have some spare time, you can turn this anniversary into a very memorable event that they won’t stop talking about for years to come. All it takes is a bit of effort and a couple of good ideas. If you’re short on the idea part, you could probably use a bit of inspiration from some of these examples.

1. Start with heartwarming invitations

Whether you plan on creating a small get-together or concocting a huge soiree, you need to make the guests feel like they’re attending something special. What better way to up the hype for the party than to make some lovely and personal invitations? 

Invitations might seem like an outdated way to announce a surprise party, considering the fact that phone lines and internet connections are so prevalent, but they serve a specific purpose. You don’t see a lot of people using paper invitations, do you? It can make the party feel special, and people are more likely to attend if you go through the trouble of personalizing the experience.

Set the theme by matching the colour of the invitations and the party location. Make sure to decorate it with the names of your parents, so that people remember the real focus of the party.

2. Introduce a lovely bit of déjà vu

There’s no better way to commemorate a long marriage than with a stroll down memory lane. After decades of being together, your parents have probably had countless moments that are worth remembering, but very few of them will stand out as much as their wedding day.

What if you could jog their memories and make help recreate that special day? It’s as easy as rearranging a few chairs and recreating the scene of the wedding. Get someone to act as the officiant and have them recite their vows once more. It’s going to remind them of a joyous occasion and you can be sure that they’ll be thankful.

3. Set the atmosphere with music

What’s an anniversary without some good music? Make a compilation of songs that your parents liked in their youth and play it during the party. Make sure to keep the volume low, anniversaries are occasions where old friends can talk and reminisce about the past.

If possible, hire a local band to play live music. If you’re organizing something in a smaller space, an amateur singer could do the job just fine. A beautiful voice and a microphone can light up a room in seconds. With some background music, it’s going to be a complete concert experience. 

4. Impress with delicious cakes

No celebration is complete without a cake. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday, or anniversary party, you need to spice things up with some delicious pastries. Sweets bring everyone together, so why not mark this anniversary with some gorgeous cakes.

There are lots of cake designs that might go well with an anniversary theme. Think up a concept for the cake, send it to a trusted professional like Zest Patisserie, and have the cake delivered straight to the party, without risk of it getting ruined. Getting the taste right can be tricky, but you can never go wrong with chocolate. 

5. Get visual with some memories

After the delicious cakes and lovely music, it might be time to give your parents and the guests a visual treat. Get a projector in the room and create a slide show of all the photographs that they’ve made over the years. This will remind them of their most cherished moments and it will certainly put a smile on their face.

If you prefer to give them a more intimate gift that doesn’t involve other guests, consider a cute little scrapbook that they can carry with them wherever they go. It’s a thoughtful gift that they’ll always cherish. 


Anniversaries are joyous occasions that need to be commemorated with a lovely surprise party. Organizing one isn’t all that difficult. All you need is some food and nostalgic entertainment and you’re pretty much good to go. Just make sure you’re able to keep your surprise party a secret!

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