5 Unique Things To Do In Tibet

5 Unique Things To Do In Tibet

If you are on the lookout for something heavenly, then the ‘roof of the world’ is the place for you to be at. Tibet reeks of centuries-old traditions, mysterious religious cultures, and untouched pure natural scenery, which happen to be every traveller’s dream.

You could always choose to stop by to witness the stunning scenery of Yamdrok Lake. This would be quite a refreshing experience to see the turquoise blue waters. You could also take a tour to Mount Everest, where you could grab a spectacular view of the mountains.

If you love travelling by train, you would probably look forward to the brand new Tibet Railway which will take you on a journey to some of the most beautiful places in the world. Stop by to watch some monks debate scriptures at the Sera Monastery, and pay your respects as well.

1. Yangbajing Hot Springs.

Eighty-seven kilometres northwest of Lhasa City lay a rich green valley encompassed by the nomads with yaks and sheep along the slope. This place is called Yangbajing. This common place finds its way into our list, especially because of what it actually is famous for- it’s hot springs. Yangbajain Hot Springs are geothermic and have been created and used to deliver a large portion of power for Lhasa and the adjacent ranges.

Yangbajing’s Hot Springs field has a height of around four thousand, five hundred meters which makes it the most remarkable altitude of its kind in China. Here the temperatures of the water are around thirty to forty degrees centigrade. The Yangbajing Geothermal Power Station to is located to the edge of the Hot Springs.

2. Exploring the Potala Palace.

The Potala Palace is the symbol of Tibet. The grandiose white and red building complex which is set against a grey/ green mountain and blue sky- the proper iconic image of the Roof of the World.
The Potala Palace is a huge treasure house of materials and articles from Tibetan history, religion, culture and art. It is also known for its precious sculptures, Buddha statues, murals, antiques and religious jewellery housed within its walls.

Each day, the number of travellers and visitors is limonite so as to protect the building’s glory. Visiting hours have been limited to one hour per tour group. You can check some itinerary of Tibet to plan your journey.

3. The Jokhang Temple.

Is a Tibetan trip complete without a visit to the Jakhong Temple? The Jokhang Temple is the most sacred temple for the Tibetan People. Pilgrims from all over the world travel to this spiritual focal point. Here, they prostrate themselves in front of the temple and circle around the temple clockwise.

4. Lake Yamdrok.

Lake Yemdrok is a breathtaking lake which is a two hours’ drive from Lhasa, on the way from Lhasha to Shigatse. On usual clear days, this lake is a fabulous shade of deep turquoise. Here surrounding the lake, you are likely to find many Tibetan villages and fields of yaks. The road is not really a place to be visited in November as it remains closed because of the snow and ice. So, if you are planning a visit, you know the months.

5. Setting foot on the world’s tallest mountain- Mount Everest

The dream of many is to set foot on the Everest. Unfortunately, it is not fit for the faint-hearted. Despite being attractive and tempting, not everyone gets the golden opportunity of going up there. Altitude sickness is the major problem here, and almost everyone is affected at Mount Everest Camp.

The travel to Mt. Everest is really expensive. Some prefer to join a group to share the price, but a private tour is considered the best. With a private viajes a la Tibet y India, you will be given the privilege of a private and experienced guide.

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