6 Most Common Transmission Problems

Transmission Problems

Undoubtedly it is heartbreaking when you face an auto transmission problem that too in the middle of a high way or on your way to a very important meeting. Usually, there are two kinds of transmission problems; automatic and manual auto transmission problem does not happen suddenly! You get many warning signals before your stops working altogether. If you are facing such issues then it is highly suggested that you hire expert services of affordable transmission repairs in Las Vegas and get your car repaired as soon as possible.

If your car is having any type of transmission problem, it will not only release the distinct smell of burning fuel but also start giving weird sounds. If your car has any electrical issue, then its dashboard starts indicating it well in advance. It is very important that you pay heed to these signs and get the problem fixed before it becomes any worse.

Here are some of the most common automatic transmission problems that you must be aware of:-

Pungent Burning Fuel Smell 

Unless you are at a bonfire or sitting near crackling fireplace binge-watching your favorite Netflix season, the nasty smell of burning is for surely alarming. Moreover, if the burning smell comes from your automobile then you are in for a problem. It usually occurs when transmission fluid breaks down or when the low quality of transmission fluid is used.

Dragging Clutch 

In a manual transmission issue, your clutch tends to drag thus making it tough for you to change the gears. It is one of the least expensive transmission problems and must be fixed immediately as the grinding noise that it makes can be very annoying and frustrating. You can also get a gear shift lock which is indeed very dangerous. 


When your car is in neutral and still making noise then it is an alarming situation. However, it can be solved easily by changing your transmission fluids. It is best to get it to the workshop for a thorough inspection to identify from where the voice is coming from and so that it can be fixed immediately.

Broken Flax Plate

 A broken flax plate can be easily spotted and you can for sure know that you have transmission issues. The flywheel of your car will not completely transfer engine power to the transmission thus causing severe issues.

Solenoid Problems

Solenoids issues usually result in shifting, pressure and transmission problems. If you experience strange shifting patterns, delays or flaring shifts, then it is an indication that your car needs transmission repairing.

No Shifting  

If you are unable to shift the gear then it is likely due to transmission issue and needs a professional auto checkup as soon as possible. Also, if you experience a free clutch pedal then it is also an indication that you have a faulty transmission. You may be required to replace the slave or master cylinder to solve the issue.

Wrap Up

These are some major indications that your transmission is having issues and need to be fixed in order to avoid any major problem in the future.