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6 Effective Ways To Increase Blog Traffic

6 Effective Ways To Increase Blog Traffic

A blog is a great place to find information on a specific topic, and countless blogs are floating around on the internet. Sometimes you’ll find many types of information on a blog. If you are an online consumer, then you know that having a blog can be fun and sometimes you can earn a livelihood with it. And if you are a person who is thinking of starting a blog or you already have a blog but the traffic of your site minimal,

These five ways can help you increase blog traffic.

1. Find the right writer

It should be obvious, but what makes your blog a “blog” is the content of the blog. If the content quality of your blog sucks and not informative, then, of course, you won’t be able to attract many visitors, keeping your traffic at a bare minimum. In the first place, if you have never written for any blog or website before, you won’t know how to write. Blog writing is not the same as writing your school essay.

So if you are not getting any traffic, it’s about time to think about finding a writer in your niche. You can find some writers writing for free for some exposure, you can get help from them, but it’s recommended that you hire a professional writer to write for your blog if you want to make your blog a business. Having the right writer can change the outlook of your whole blog and attract visitors; as a result, increase blog traffic. 

2. Find the right topics to blog about with keyword research

Sitting down your desk and writing may be easy; however, writing in topics, no one cares about won’t bring you traffic. Likewise, you may write about a topic that’s trending but not including any keywords will prevent search engines from finding you. So before writing, use keyword research to find out what keywords are trending and how difficult it would be to rank those particular keywords.

You can use various tools such as Ahrefs, Semrush, Serpstat, and Google Keyword Planner for keyword research. Once you’re done keyword research make sure your keywords are in the right places in the post such as in the title, meta description, headers, and body copy. 

3. Focus on long-term content

Long-term content refers to posts with high word counts that go into the depths of a particular topic. According to some studies, long-term content performs better in search results than thin material content. There are several reasons behind it. First up, long-term posts are bound to be keyword rich and likely to show results for long-tail keyword searches. In short, focus on long-term content for your blog to increase traffic. 

4. Keep your content fresh to increase blog traffic

You should be aware that the search engines don’t pay much attention to overdated posts. So make sure your content is fresh and keep updating the content of your blog to always rank better in search results. And getting better results in the search engines means more visitors for your blog and more visitors means more traffic. 

5. Add fabulous images to your blog

Everyone loves a blog post that comes with an incredible image. When someone reads a long blog post after some time, the words become boring; however, putting pictures helps the readers keep engaged with the content and your blog. In short, adding interesting and relevant images for all your blog posts can help you increase the traffic of your blog.

6. Do proper SEO of your blog

SEO is like a mother term to increase blog traffic or any website. After Publishing your blog and content, you have to focus on SEO. As google update their algorithm and that’s the reason why SEO become very competitive. Most of the SEO company just work on some few setting in Onpage and they build some poor link of your site. But most of the time Google take it as a spamming. So, choosing a quality full SEO is the challenging step for you.

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