6 Self Signs That Tell Group Fitness Classes May Not Fit You

Exercising is such a fun thing to do because although it’s hard to begin, you get pumped up easily as time goes by and as you execute the routines you should be doing! You get sweaty and tired, but that’s a significant part of the workout! It’s fulfilling because they are just some initial results of your intense exercising topped with hard work and dedication! They even somehow motivate you as well despite the fact that you are lazy or unmotivated to get up on your feet and exercise at first! 

Speaking of motivation and laziness, different people have different ways of getting encouraged to workout and exercise. One of the ways that several people are considering as a strong drive is joining group fitness classes. It makes them more excited and willing to go on. For some people, however, it’s not the same; it could be the opposite or maybe, they aren’t interested. 

Have you ever thought of taking a group fitness class? Or have you ever been into one? What do you think of it? Did you like it or not?

You know, a lot of people who exercise regularly and who work as exercise coaches do recommend group fitness classes, and they have many reasons aside from the health benefits they mention. With that, due to networks and invitations, many people are magnetized to get involved in these workshops.

The thing, however, is that not everybody fits group fitness classes. Yes, you’ve read that right! Although it’s a “class”, it may not be for everyone.  Do you want to know if you belong to those who aren’t totally made for group fitness classes?

Below are 6 self signs that will tell you that you are part of that number. 

1. Waking up Early in the Morning is a Challenge for You

The usual exercise time is in the morning. Although there’s no problem with working out in the afternoon or at night, doing so in the morning, of course, offers distinct kinds of advantages. The first benefit you get from it is basically “waking up early”.

If most group fitness classes are done in the morning while you’re surely not a morning person, then it could be difficult for you to be there at the location of your group exercise right on time. Seriously, for many people waking up early is just a problem! As a result, you might not be able to attend the earlier portions of the class or of your activity as a group. 

If you’re taking fitness classes with your friends while they always need to wait for you, they might get annoyed if the same thing always happens. If you’re taking a group fitness class that requires teamwork and the presence of everyone, and you’re frequently late, the group can suffer too. 

Your workout mates may feel like you are inconsiderate about their time and efforts. If waking up in the morning is a huge challenge for you, and morning is the only time you can allow for working out, you are probably better exercising at your own time in the morning. In that way, you don’t have to rush to the gym for your 8 o’clock am class after waking up at 8:30. 

Remember, time is truly gold. In exercising, every second is important too. If you can’t really catch up with other people’s time and with the designated periods just because you are usually late, it may be a sign that such fitness classes do not really fit you and your body routine. 

It could be related to a personal problem of time management too. With a group fitness class, there’s a need for you to overcome such struggle because if not and if it negatively affects other people, then it might cause relational clashes. Instead of a good morning, the opposite might happen.   

2. You are very strict with your Schedule

Completely the other extreme of the above-mentioned sign, you may not fit a group fitness class or a team workout with your friends if you’re that kind of person who is very strict with schedules. 

If you planned to work out with your friends at 7 in the morning, and they all arrived 35 minutes late, you will just get so pissed off. People, even with tight commitments, have the tendency to cancel or to move your mutual plans on a latter date. They might inform you at the last minute, and that will definitely disappoint you. 

If people easily get on your nerves because of how they undervalue time, then group fitness classes or personal group workouts with your friends might not be for you since in such, there are many participants with many dissimilar views about time and the ways of handling it. Some people can let these instances pass, but if you’re that person who just can’t, then it might be better to work out on your own. 

3. You prefer to take a Slower Pace than Others

Being a fast learner is not a problem for you if you’re in a group fitness class. In fact, it can be a big advantage because you can also help others. Contrastingly, if you’re not that quick to understand and to recall instructions, you must re-think if you want to join a group fitness class.

Indeed, in such training, there’s a coach who will guide and workout buddies who will also help and motivate, but sometimes, it could be pressuring for you because you prefer a slower pace than the rest. This is hard especially if you have issues with matching others’ pace and energies. 

You may be not for group fitness classes if other people’s performance and speed unfavorably affect how you develop. While they can actually be your inspiration, they can also cause pressure.

A slow pace isn’t totally wrong because slow progress is still progress. The thing is that in group workout classes, you are with other people who aim to be fit and healthy as well, and you probably only have one coach. Your coach cannot only look after you for most of the time because you aren’t the only person who needs aid in the gym. 

4. You concentrate better when Alone

While other people find it easier to focus as they enjoy when they’re within a group, you might not experience the same way. You might be more distracted or easily confused when other people are around you. 

Even though fitness and fun sound sweet and nice, they really require your utmost attention so you could follow and adapt. If your friends or your gym crushes do not really help with your workouts, might as well do it all by yourself at home or with an individual trainer. 

5. You are too Conscious about Other People

Even though you know that you’re working out not only for your physical health here but also for your self-confidence and self-esteem, still, at times, other peoples’ opinion affects you. Even when no one is telling anything, you just get conscious.   

Especially if you’re new to the activity and if you’re unfamiliar with the exercise, you might get shy and might feel embarrassed as you do the routines, use the assigned exercise equipment, jump up and down, twist here and there, get all sweaty while catching your breath and many more! 

You might be struggling with this kind of mindset that bothers your productivity not just within your mind but also there in your physical activities. What people are saying, how their body shapes look like and what they’re nicely wearing can be some of the worries you have. 

It’s good if you overcome them, but if you just don’t feel like it, for now, the group fitness classes do not entirely fit you. Don’t hesitate to try again sometime though.

6. You can Easily be Persuaded to Cheat Eat

Funny to say this, but if your friends can effortlessly pull you to the nearest burger shop after your workout, then you should’ve just exercised at home or taken a solo exercise class. Yes, there’s fun and enjoyment, but working out needs a lot of discipline too. There could be “cheat days”, but you must think carefully because you might be cheating too much!

Temptations actually do not leave. They’re just around. That means, it’s up to you to resist them, and if you’re that kind of person who hardly can and who cannot, then help yourself. Group workouts are beneficial, but keep in mind, that sometimes, their boons also depend on who’s in your group and on how you can easily get persuaded. 

If you can’t say no to your friends and workout buddies when they invite you to feast unhealthily after sweating out, then save yourself from yourself too. Take individual classes or a self-workout at home. 



Again, group fitness classes do a lot of good things, but even they have that thing you call “compatibility”. It may be suitable for other people’s fitness lifestyle but for yours. It’s not a big problem at all because anytime, you can enroll in individual exercise training with a coach. In that way, you can just go work out happily solo. 

Author Bio

Nicole Ann Pore knows the importance of being fit, healthy and disciplined, and she shares her interest and knowledge about it through research and writing. From various exercise equipment and routines to the correlation of fitness to life, Nicole creates content that informs and even entertains. She also writes for Fitbiz Exercise Equipment, an excellent source of the ultimate fitness equipment collections in Australia. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University-Manila, the Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts. 

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