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7 Sensational Small Kitchen Design Ideas That Could Work for You

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Are you fed up of the small space in your kitchen room? Not enough space to freely move or feeling congested when doing your daily chores. Don’t worry for there are ways you can make your small kitchen look and feel spacious. To achieve that, you need to apply intelligent kitchen designs that will transform your kitchen space altogether and enable you to complete your daily chores smoothly, efficiently and more importantly joyously. Here, we bring to you some intelligent small kitchen design ideas and handy tips so that you can resourcefully organise your small kitchen space.

One Wall Kitchen Design

One-wall kitchens are specifically designed for smaller homes and apartments. As the name suggests, cabinetry and all of the appliances are positioned along one wall giving the kitchen a roomier feel. Nonetheless, systematic planning is needed to make sure that sufficient room is available for food preparation because the refrigerator, sink and cooktop will occupy most of the space. In case, you find difficulty due to less space, then you can use a wheeled butcher’s block or the dining table for creating the extra workspace.

Galley Kitchen Design

The narrow space with tall ceilings can be easily converted into a highly-functional and efficient galley kitchen with extra-tall storage and shelving. While one side (left-side) can have a slightly bigger work surface than the other (right-side) work surface. The bigger work surface (left-side) can hold the stove or cooktop and the sink at its ends. While the smaller work surface on the right-side is narrower but can be built with shallow bespoke kitchen cabinets beneath, which can also hold an extra-small microwave.

Moreover, paint the brick wall with white colour and adorn the splashback or tiles with same white colour and give a white coat of paint to all your cabinets and paint the door with white colour as well – this will create a feeling spaciousness. The galley kitchen is built up of two parallel countertops with a walkway in the middle. This kitchen design was originally made for compact cooking zones on boats, so it’s perfect for small or compact kitchens.

Minimalist Kitchen Design

Minimalist kitchen design means it’s free from all unnecessary clutter, appliances and things that are not required for daily kitchen chores. It also means selecting light colours, similar textures and tones, clean lines and simple accessories. When your kitchen hugs minimalism, your space will create an illusion of spaciousness and a feeling of order and neatness.

Hidden Kitchen Design

Hidden or concealed kitchens are the trend-setter in small kitchen designs. Kitchen cabinets can be designed so gracefully that you might forget they were made for storage. Sleek modern kitchen appliances easily vanish before your eyes into the hidden storage and several tactile properties might give you a feeling that you’re in your dining or living room.

Invent Clever Storage

In kitchens, the creation of storage spaces is difficult but not impossible. You can use your space prudently, for instance:

• Store your cutlery or mugs underneath the draws and use your island bench as a breakfast bar.
• Set up racks towards the inside of your cupboard doors to hold spice racks.
• Set up shelves into corners and take them to the ceilings for storing rarely used items.

Pull-Out Work Spaces

In your small kitchen design space, you can enhance your bench space by integrating pull-out countertops. Whether it is prep stations or chopping boards, they can be handily stored away until you require them.

Reduce the Clutter

Living with less is the mantra to a trendy and sustainable home. That also means, buying things that you need, which will not only lower your footprint but also save your valuable time, money and stress. Also, pledge unto yourself that moving forward you’ll only purchase to replace something that wears out or breaks.

Final Words

When you integrate a simple kitchen design concept with smart storage spaces and reduce the unnecessary clutter, you can revive your small kitchen space not only for practicality but also for visually stunning looks.

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