7 Smart Ways to Kill Your Time on a Flight

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While there are situations when time passes by so quickly, there are also moments wherein you may find that the hands of a clock move with aggravating slowness. More often than not, this happens when you board a flight.

Here is a list of some popular ideas to kill your flight time.

1. Watch TV shows or movies

An old idea but a good one, watching TV shows or movies is the top option to kill time on a flight. There are only a few choices that match this idea of passing time without knowing it. If you have ever watched a movie or a serial, you would know how time passes by so quickly. It literally seems as if you just started it and the show ended in a matter of a few seconds.

The primary reason behind it is the fact that it occupies your mind completely. Choose your favourite movie or TV show as it is more likely to keep you absorbed in comparison to the unfamiliar ones.

2. Read glossy magazines

Plane rides can sometimes land you into a situation wherein you are devoid of using your electronics. The infamous fifteen minutes after boarding a flight or before its landing exemplifies it perfectly.

Magazines can be your best friend at such intervals of time. Choose a glossy magazine as they cover interesting content on various topics. Chances are you will find something worth reading and prevent yourself from getting bored for the 15-minute odd interval.

3. Listen to music

Although an old school idea, listening to music works for most people. In fact, it is one of the easiest ways to relax on a flight. If you love a song or a particular type of music, flight hours are the right time to listen to it. Do not forget to carry an iPod or an MP3 player in your bag as you may not be able to use your smartphone all the time.

Alternatively, you can also load these songs on a laptop if you plan to carry one or are open to the idea of working on a laptop on a flight.

4. Give yourself a treat

Regardless of whether you are a foodie or not, chances are you would want to eat something or the other on a flight. Believe it or not, there is something magical about the fact that time seems to move faster when you ten to snack. There is a scientific fact which supports this notion as well.

Make sure you order something which suits your taste bud. Don’t worry about the price as most airlines provide special coupons to enable passengers to order and enjoy their favourite dishes. For instance, Spicejet provides Spicejet promo code on flight tickets to enable passengers to enjoy their favourite dishes during flight hours.

5. Catch up on work

If you are carrying a laptop, you can stay a step ahead by catching up on work. While you would need an internet connection to send an email, you can still work on a laptop without it. For instance, you can save a lot of time working out the draft of your email.

Even if you are not able to access a working internet connection, you can still work with Microsoft documents on your laptop. This way you can kill your flight time and boost your productivity as well.

6. Sleep

Unless you have booked your seat in the last row or the one at the front of an emergency door, you can utilise the long duration of your flight to get some sleep. This will help you balance the jetlag and prevent you from feeling. At the same time, you will also not feel bored while waiting impatiently for the landing of your fight.

7. Play games

If you are fond of playing video games or games on your smartphone, you wouldn’t have an issue spending long flight hours. Challenge your shooting skills on an FPS game or simply play Candy Crush or Farm Heroes Saga. Try your hand at it and see how many points you get.

These are some of the popular ways to kill your time on a flight. When you board a flight the next time, especially the one with a longer flight duration, use one of these creative ideas to spend your time in an entertaining way.

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