7 Things to Know While Choosing Event Venue

There are many decisions to be taken at the time of organising an event. Selecting the right venue is something that is going to have the greatest impact on the event.

The venue you choose is a significant factor while deciding the date, the catering options and the experience of the attendees. These are all impacted by the venue you choose, its locations, facilities and much more.

Therefore, the selection of venue can affect your entire event in a massive way. Moreover, the venue you select is also going to take up a major portion of the event budget. So, there can be reasons if you feel intimidated before choosing

But don’t worry, to help you with the same, here are certain tips that will enable you to choose the right venue for your event. Just take a look.

  • Try to Envision the Event – There are a number of things that you should take into account, as said earlier, for selecting the venue of choice. So the first thing that you should contemplate upon is how you want the audience to feel. So you should study what type of reputation you and your brand are being able to develop and hold among the audience before, during and after the event. You must also have a clear idea about how you want the event to pan out before the commencement of the same. This includes a plan to optimise the resources, to reduce waste and to generate venue and audience appropriate entertainment and much more. Another thing is that you should always have a backup plan for your event irrespective of whether it is an indoor or outdoor event.

  • Keep in Mind the Budget and the Cost – Cost is one of the most important things at the time of organising an event. Everything, after all, is dependent on the budget that you have. If you don’t plan the event according to the budget right from the beginning, you may end up eating your entire your budget and you won’t have anything left for purchasing signage, food, supplies, staff and entertainment. Fortunately, you can get away with the optimum cost for your venue, if you are flexible with the event date. Get the prices from the venues for various times of the months, years and weeks. So to get favourable rate of reservation you should book as early as possible.

  • Decide the Location – You may have already considered this, but it is vital to make sure that your attendees can reach the venue. You should also consider the transportation, traffic and the parking options. If it is a local event, it is better that you consider hosting the event near the home of most attendees. If most of the attendees are going to travel, then it is better to book a venue near the airport. You should provide your attendees with mobile maps so that can navigate comfortably.

  • Take into Account the Amenities – Very few of the venues will be able to facilitate all the amenities desired by your business. You should prioritise the amenities that are most crucial for the event and its attendees at the time of choosing the venue like the following –

  • Seasonality – There are some places that are meant for the chilled wintry nights and some venues that are ideal for the warm summer days. So you should pick a space that is ideal for the season of the year when you will be hosting the event. You should also ask regarding how the venue prepares for the foul weather and accommodates the events during the heat, snow and rain.

  • Parking – You should always search for the venues that have ample parking space or have ready alternatives to it. The ride sharing discounts, shuttle pickups and drop-offs and the reserved spaces in the nearby parking can compensate for the location that does not have a parking.

  • Layout – The flow of the event can be disrupted by the accessibility of restrooms, entrances, stages, tables and serving stations. Another welcome amenity are the quiet places that are tucked away from the main event.

Apart from the above the technology and kitchen availability also play significant roles in the success of any event.

  • Consider the Time Availability – This is something that goes almost without saying. You should be flexible and have several daytime options before you start reviewing the venues so that you don’t limit the venue numbers that you consider and can get one or the other venue for your event.

  • What About the Food and Beverages – You should ask for minimums if the venue will be providing the foods and the beverages. Under certain circumstances, the venue is going to ask you for a minimum number of guests even if you have not invited so many guests. So if the venue charges you for minimum say 500 people, you must make sure that you invite at least that many so that you get the true value for your money.

  • Choose Décor and Furniture Rentals – There are quite a few venues that do not include lighting or décor. This can offer a blank slate to you and can tie up the resources of funds. On the other hand, there are also venues that come with décor all year round. You will also find many options that are in between these two. If you opt for a venue that does not provide the décor you should go for chair hire and other furniture rentals and avoid buying them. This will save you a massive investment of purchase and storage.

The above are some of the things that you should keep in mind at the time of choosing the event venue. These will help you get the ideal place where the chances of success of your event enhances to a great extent.

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