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8 Housekeeping Secrets Every Mom Should Teach Her Kids

House Cleaning Meridian

8 Housekeeping Secrets Every Mom Should Teach Her Kids

House Cleaning Meridian

House Cleaning Meridian

Keeping a house clean with two-three toddlers is not less than a challenge for a mother. It seems impossible to have a mess-free home with a big family, but apparently, it’s not. There are specific strategies and approaches which can make every mom achieve a clean house without losing sanity on her child. If you’re having second thoughts to handover the cleaning job to professionals, remember house cleaning Meridian doesn’t cost that low so that you may experience higher pricing with the best professional house cleaning services.

Discover these eight housekeeping secret chores which every mom should teach her kids to make them learn clean the house the fast and easy way. Also, it’s a good initiative towards children training which every parent should focus on their early childhood development.

  1.  Always (always!) Have White Vinegar at Home

We know we have stressed twice having a vinegar at home. Vinegar is a centuries-famous natural cleaning home remedy which is proven great for a list of household chores.

How You Do IT

Mix it with a  little baking soda to scrape harsh stains, like red wine, or use it alone to clean the refrigerator, freshen windows, and also to get marker stains off the kids’ hands.


  1. Do Your Laundry With Extra Care

Even it takes your precious time, utilize it to treat your laundry with care. There’s a fail-safe way to avoid washing unwanted objects, like receipts, tissues, and pens by turning pockets pants and short to the outside. What about the picking white paper which gets stuck to dark clothes when it’s wet?

How You Do It

Here’s a solution to this too.  Use a lint roller or lint remover that is ideal at removing small fibers off the clothes, upholstery, and linen.

Bonus Tip: Never spin sweaters and woolens after a wash in the machine. Instead, lay them out on a flat towel and then roll the towel up to absorb water before laying them flat to dry. This way the excessive water will be squished out without damaging your expensive hand knitted sweater. You can also try this solution to your clothes as well that are prone to get damaged during laundry.


  1. Make Your Guests Feel Worthy

Like any other woman, we presume you’re also passionate about making smart changes to your house on the arrival of guests that they would simply love.  So if you’re hosting the guests over the coming weekend or overnight, here are the special touches that you should work on to covert a simple guest bedroom into a high-end hotel alike.


How You Do It- A High-End Welcome

Pillows- In the first place, get allergy friendly- pillows form the market that is also washable. Arrange them adjacently on your bed keeping the bigger ones at the background and the smaller pillows at the front. Give them a neat white look to meet the hotel standards.

Blankets- You should be able to provide maximum comfort level to the guests. Keep spare covers of the blanket handy and wrap your blankets around the beautiful cover.

Inflatable mattress- It’s okay if you don’t have a bed in your guest room. Buy high-quality inflatable mattresses that don’t have guests waking up on the floor.

Alarm Clock- Take out the eighties-era clock resting in your shelf and offer guest an unforgettable radio listening before they sleep.

Final Touches- Keep a traditional bedside lamp, some hangers in the closet (or at least a handy hook), bath towels, and extra toilet paper in the bathroom.


  1. My Kid’s Ironed Clothes Smells Nice. Does Your?

If your child wears a wrinkly shirt or dress to a job interview, it could keep them from receiving an offer. The power of steam is strong, and so the pressed shirts can make bad days look good having no crease. But what good is a pressed shirt if it gets shrunk in the wash?

How You Do It?

Teach your kids to sort clothes by color and fabric before they dispose of them into the laundry together.


  1. Make Everything Smell Good

Add a pleasant smell to your clothes including linens and towels.

How You Do It?

Fill paper teabags with dried lavender and iron the packets closed. Then, place them into a small muslin bag and pitch directly into the dryer with your next laundry load.”


  1. Toothpaste Is More Than Just Cavities

Toothpaste is an excellent stain natural cleaner which effectively works on marks, on the floor and walls. It can also clean up your small pieces of jewelry and silver.

How You Do It


Rub the toothpaste over the spots by using a spare toothbrush.


  1. Know How to Stretch the Time between Cleanings.

How You Do It

For cleaning heavy curtains, slip an old nylon stocking over the head of the attachment, so curtains don’t get sucked into the vacuum. This will help extend the time between removing and cleaning.


  1. Dust the Light bulbs

Don forget those tiny light bulbs which brighten up your home. They’re often neglected. They attract dust, and as a result, these dusty bulbs become dimmer and less energy efficient.

How You Do It

Clean bulbs with a soft cloth when they’re turned off and cool to the touch.


Pass these eight housekeeping secrets onto your kids and succeed in getting a super clean home. You’re not anymore alone who will be working full-time to clean the house. Pair up with your kids and create a professional cleaning team inside the boundaries.

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