9 Safety Tips for Your Home Related to Electricity

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Electric maintenance is a crucial task for every household. But you have to be very careful with it or else a mishap won’t take time to occur. Licensed electricians in London are of the opinion that the majority of accidents related to electricity that occur across households is because of lack of proper knowledge on electrical knowhow and safety.

Skilled and licensed electricians associated with Electric Works London suggest some tips in the following paragraphs to prevent electrical mishaps in your home including both short-circuits and electric fire. 

Make sure all electrical equipment is functioning properly

Short circuits are very common in electrical systems. One of the basic causes for short circuits is either an equipment is not correctly plugged or not properly working. Make sure there is not single equipment across your home that is malfunctioning. 

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Shut down main power

Power switched on while electrical maintenance work is going on is a major reason for electric shocks and accidents. You should always shut down the main power before carrying out any such major activity. While dealing with electrical maintenance related to small power outlets, you should switch the plug point off before starting your work. 

Warm and cold power outlets

Warm power outlets are prone to develop many problems, ranging from overloaded electrical circuit to shot up wiring. You never know when any of those problems are going to appear. Make it a habit to check all the power outlets in your home once every month by placing your hand on every outlet. If you find any outlet giving out heat, it can be a potential trouble zone.

Keep fire extinguisher handy

In this age and time you can easily go online and search using strings like “emergency electrician near me” to locate competent electricians. On the other hand, you should keep a fire extinguisher handy in the house. You never know when you may need it to douse out a flame. Remember, water should never be used to put out an electrical fire. This is because it is a good conductor of electricity.

Dispose older electrical appliances

Electrical appliances are prone to develop normal wear and tear in course of time. This raises the chance of electrical shocks and short circuits. Make sure that any appliance you use must have 3-pointed plugs that fit properly to a grounded outlet. It is high-time to replace your kitchen appliances that have 2-pronged plugs.

Seek a professional’s opinion 

Whenever you stumble upon a doubt just do not hesitate to get help from a professional. Reach out to trained and experienced electricians over any issue that seem to spiral out of your hands.

GFCI or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters

GFCI is smart equipment that automatically shuts off electric power supply whenever it detects any hazard in the circuit. Install this equipment in your bathrooms, kitchen and laundry room to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Avoid extension cords for long time

Extension cords are never a permanent power source. They must be used only as a temporary means of power source. Instead of using an extension cord for long times, get an electric outlet installed to avoid electric shock and short circuits in your home.

Avoid overloading

Never ever overload an electric outlet. Every electrical outlet is meant to put out certain amount of electrical energy. Plugging multiple high-voltage appliances to a single outlet is hazardous. If it is difficult to rearrange the electrical appliances you use to the existing outlets, get new outlets installed to properly distribute the load.

The tips discussed above are provided by licensed electricians at Electric Works London. You can reach out to us easily from anywhere in London just by entering online search strings like “electrician near me”. We offer quality service at competent price.

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