9 technologies that can shape the world

Technology is growing at a fast pace.  Today’s technology will become the history for tomorrow. In the future, people may travel by flying cars to avoid traffic congestion. And in many industries, robots can take the place of humans. In this article, we will focus on nine technologies that can shape the world to a better future. And yes, the life of humans will become easier.

  1. Smart Virtual ASSISTANTS

Smart Virtual ASSISTANTS

These are smart devices powered by artificial intelligence. These virtually assist the people in doing the household activity over the internet connected to common devices. In these devices, the user will interact with voice command and complete manual tasks such as switching on the TV or turning off the lights. If required, you can also call someone via Skype. These devices will combine with the smart home technology and help in all the household activities. In the future, smart home appliances are going to be a part of every home. The Internet of Things ensures that all the devices remain connected via a common network. You can, however, control these devices by voice commands or by sending messages on the mobile. For example, Google Home and Amazon Echo. These devices can control a variety of smart home appliances if you have set the right technological adjustments as per the requirement. You can count these kinds of appliances as one among the few technologies that can shape the world.



You must definitely know about Swiggy. You book a food recipe in any of the favorite hotels in your city via the app. The Swiggy person delivers the food at your doorstep. In the future, the drone will be replacing all the humans in delivering food to people. Drones are similar to a mini helicopter with built-in cameras and GPS trackers. They will easily pick the food from the restaurants and directly deliver the food. As soon as food reaches the doorstep, the message will be sent to the customer to pick the food from the drone. You can then make the payment. Food delivery company have already invested millions in this project. If implemented successfully, the drones will bring about cost reduction and also increase the efficiency of the delivery process. You can count on drones to bring about a change in technologies that can change the world.



Many automobiles manufacture like TESLA, VOLVO, and BMW etc have been developing the car that runs without human assistance. This technology will definitely be a boon for the people who do not know to drive or blind persons. These cars will definitely increase the safety as well give comfort for the handicapped people. Accidents will get avoided to the maximum possible extent.   Who knows? In the future, these type of cars will replace all the cabs and taxi.



This technology is gaining ground in the present scenario because of the huge cost associated with the rockets. A small part, if saved, can be used in development activity. The scientists are already working with this technology. Even today, many small countries not able to launch their own satellite.  A reusable rocket can definitely help them in launching their satellites. This will develop the economy of many nations.



The Helicopter Taxi can come handy in critical situations such as floods or to save a life during accidents. At present, the cost may be expensive. In the future, the charges can become affordable.  These will help in traveling to high traffic areas, isolated islands easily without any delays. This will save time as well as money in an emergency.



This technology will be doing all the routine jobs. It can reduce the number of manpower in the manufacturing industry. In Japan, robots have already replaced humans in many low-level jobs. And these robots do not need rest nor wages. They just have to be programmed to do the hard jobs.



Artificial intelligence will help in process of complex data and give the perfect result. After a decade, there may be hardly an industry which does not depend on AI. And when it comes to marketing, the AI tool can analyze complex data and give accurate results. Then the company can devise the marketing campaigns that can give the service or product more public exposure. Another benefit of using AI in companies is that it eliminates human errors and always give perfect results.



These computers will come with high-end processors and vast data chunks. Their design will be superior compared to normal computers. Quantum computers will help to solve many complex problems with the help of quantum mechanics. Yes, this technology is in the beginning stage, but it is going to bring a positive change in human life, for sure.



In recent times, it has become a fashion to wear a smartwatch as a style statement. In the device, you can get step counter, fitness monitor, heartbeat checker and other features. When integrated with other technologies, the device can give alerts about your health, blood pressure and other diseases. In short, you can stay fit and healthy.


So, we have focused only on nine technologies that can shape the world. But out of the nine, it is   Artificial Intelligence that is causing quite an impact. And it is not without reason. Now, let us imagine a situation. You stay in Bangalore and work from home via a laptop. Suddenly, the OS of the laptop crashes and you are caught unawares. You need to get the problem rectified as soon as possible. So, where will you search for the best laptop technician in Bangalore? Yes, you can get them via the home maintenance companies which provide doorstep services. You can call the website and ask to do a booking. However, you do not know if your response is done by a human or chatbot. Because the response will be so apt and the words will answer to your queries. So, AI is going to be the future of customer care companies.

So, we hope that you find the information on Nine technologies that can shape the world useful.    You can visit our website every week for the latest updates.

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