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Amazon storage gateway family helping organizations with better storage solutions

You have a lot of data already on your premises in your corporate data centers, in your remote and branch offices. While your existing data continues to grow you have data also being generated from new sources, new devices or new instruments which weren’t the case before. So, your data is doing exponentially but your budget is not going proportionally. You’ve heard of cloud and the ability to store data with a pay-as-you-go model and the ability to scale capacity as bigger demand from your users grow. Now you want to use cloud for such needs as the ability to backup your on-premises applications tier cold data. Simplify your branch offices by just connecting them to cloud for storage needs and then enabling cloud back storage for your own premises applications. Most companies want to implement a cloud strategy to meet this use case requirement and also overcome the data go challenges. This storage gateway comes in to help you overcome these problems and address your end-user requirements.

What is AWS Storage Gateway

The AWS Storage Gateway is typically deployed in your existing storage environment, your data center or a remote office or a branch office. You connect your existing application storage systems or devices to the storage gateway that’s running on premises. Storage Gateway provides industry standard storage protocol interfaces so, applications can connect to it without you having to rewrite the app or make any other changes to your workflows. The Gateway in turn connects these applications and workloads to storage gateway service running in the cloud allowing you to store your data security and durably in Amazon s3 Amazon glacier.

Amazon storage Gateway family

The storage gateway of family consists of three different types of gateways a file gateway, volume gateway and a tape gateway. Now go into a bit more detail in each other.

File Gateway:

File gateway is used to store and access files from file based applications running on premises as objects in Amazon s3.

Volume Gateway

The volume gateway provides block storage to your on-premises applications with local caching for performance and is backed by cloud storage Amazon EBS snapshots and volume clones.

Tape Gateway

A tape gateway provides a drop-in replacement for your physical tape based backup infrastructure and is integrated with AWS storage services such as s3 and glacier

These are the three form of configurations that allow you to have better storage with Amazon storage gateway. Cloud storage solutions bring in many new advancements and show the better way to storage. With amazon storage gateway you can have smart cloud solution for storage, backup and disaster recovery.  

Amazon storage gateway family helping organizations with better storage solutions
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