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Chatting is in the air and people love to send texts to their loved ones. Certainly, applications have made it possible for users to easily do chatting with their loved ones across the world. There is no chance that you have a phone and you don’t use a chatting or messaging platform. 

Well, if you own an android phone or device then you must not waste time and download the best chatting applications out there. You can have a look at some of the most popular applications for your chatting endeavors below. And before you dive into the options remember that you can get all these applications from the third party play store named 9apps.

After all, it is not just about Google play store but other platforms too. That can get you the best apps.

Facebook Messenger 

Facebook’s attack into the world of mobile messaging is known as Messenger. It is a devoted client that’s based upon the current chat network, adding further multimedia communication features. The users can easily access the app through Facebook and can send others general chat messages as well as voice and video messages too and calls.

There is even a lite version for just Androids that caters more streamlined experience that makes it absolutely affordable in terms of data usage. End-to-end encryption is an option, but it should be manually activated for every single conversation by picking Secret Conversation in the chat window when messaging a contact.


A simple set-up, automatic synchronization with the phone contacts you have, and an experience rich in features and free of advertisements absolutely make WhatsApp an extremely famous and loved messaging app. Users can easily send text, photo, and even that of video messages as well as voice memos, benefiting from that of end-to-end encryption and two-step verification, that occasionally asks for a password so as to access the app.

It’s not clear in the case and when the company will weave its members’ data in with that of Facebook profiles (for your information it is the part of the same group).  And yes, don’t confuse Whatsapp with that of GBwhatsapp. If you download GB Whatsapp 2018, it would be a different thing. For your information, this app is the clone of original WhatsApp but with a few modifications and extra added features.

It does work the same as your standard WhatsApp but because of modifications it is not available on Google Play store and requires downloading from its official website in shape of APK file. But understand that the developers of this GB WhatsApp app are not the same as that original WhatsApp. 


It is a mobile messaging app for the post-Snowden era. The telegram was specifically designed for those who know what it means to save their digital ego. The application caters a fast and encrypted chat service, having client-server encryption for standard chats. On the other hand, secret chats don’t permit anyone to violate the messages’ privacy, while self-destructing conversations between both individuals and groups make sure everything (even shared elements) disappears after a chosen period of time.


Thus, these were only a few of the many chatting and messaging apps that are available on android. If you don’t have them, go ahead and install.

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