5 Best Pergola Kit for Your Outdoor Space

Best Pergola Kit

Are you looking for methods for how you can spend time outdoors? Most of us want to spend most of our time outdoors. However, it would be great if we can create it right in our backyard. Well, if you’re thinking how can you tackle space in your house enjoying outwards along with privacy. Let us tell you that a ergola Kit can be a solution for it. Thus, finding tricks to make use of your spaces and using your backyard can be challenging to your pockets. Hence, not to worry about it, as our Pergola can surely help you in that.

Therefore, we provide you the information about affordable pergola Kits which you can assemble on the weekend. We have really best rated pergola kits that are built in Florida.

Now you might be wondering what is Pergola? So let us help you understand, Pergola kit is a functional structure. This structure can be used for commercial as well in residential spaces. It is a frame that we made with columns which support latticework of beams with strings enhancing the design. You can use it as a versatile thing, it can be your backyard decoration. You can use it for your backyard decoration, or you can use it where your kids can play and enjoy the space.

1. Backyard Discovery Cedar Pergola

Backyard Discovery Cedar Pergola

The first number in the list goes to Cedar Pergola Kit from a known brand Backyard Discovery. It is made from the pre stained cedar, therefore it is a great addition to your backyard. It is 12 feet wide and 10 feet long in dimensions, however the interior space is 7 feet wide and 9 feet long.

This pergola will arrive at your door in two big boxes. Thus, assenling it is not an individual person’s job, it will take two people with approx 6 hours to assemble it. However, if you read its instructions you will find it easy to follow them. Do you know how it is so easy to assemble quite big furniture like this? Well this is because it is pre-stained and pre-cut, thus, you wont need to do drilling or cutting it on your own.

2. Suncast Wooden Pergola

Suncast Wooden Pergola

The wooden Pergola kit from Suncats comes with an extraordinary design that will be beautiful in your backyard or garden. Did you know what is unique about it? They make it in the USA with natural cedarwood. Its top is 10 feet high and it is 12 feet long with 10 feet wide width.

If you talk about packaging, then it does not come pre- stained. However, you like to appreciate the color and finishing it has to give you. Thus we recommend that you stain the wood and then assemble it. The assembling process will take two people with approx seven hours. However, the pre- drills and cuts can be a plus point, but it does not come with so nice instructions.

3. Breeze Solid Wood Pergola

Breeze Solid Wood Pergola
Image Credit: Amazon

So one of the most expensive and the most happening looking Pergolas is the Breeze Solid Wood Pergola, comes from a reputed brand of Outdoor Living Pergola. You can get an idea about how premium it would be as it cost around 4,000 bucks, which is a perfect fit for a niche customer base. Its arbor top is 16 feet wide, along with 10 feet long. Whereas its interior space is 15 feet wide along with 9 feet long. However, if you are someone who is looking to fill up the big garden space with a premium look, it is a perfect choice for you. It is easy to follow instructions, takes around eight hours to assemble it.

4. Preston Solid Wood Pergola

Preston Solid Wood Pergola
Image Credit: Pinterest

This pergola comes with options of three unique shades. Without canopy, retractable canopy, and snap- canopy. Additionally, if you’re looking for a decoration along with a prevention form the sun rays then go for this pergola. It has an arbor of measures 12×12 feet with interior space of 10×10 feet.

However, assembling this pergola is not that easy. It will take your six hours with more than one person. Thus, you will not have to face any issue if you carefully follow the instructions. The good news for you is that its wooden pieces are pre-cut and stained, you will not have to do it. However, we recommend you to restrain it every year with a water base product to protect it long lasting life. 

5. Pergola with Swing Set

Pergola with Swing Set
Image Credit: Amazon

The other best pergola in the list is with a swing set. It comes along with a tag of a brand with All Things Cedar. Out of all the pergola that we mentioned above it is the most delicate one. Thus, it’s measurement is 7 feet wide, with 6 feet deep and 6.5 feet high.

It is a delicate structure of swing in the pergola. It is unique because they make it with pre-assembled panels from Western Red Cedar. Therefore, assembling this pergola is quite easier and quicker in comparison to other pergolas. It is smaller in size to give a more delicate look, to swing well and smoothly.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question: How do I choose a Pergola?

Answer: The first thing to look for before buying a Pergola is its material. However most of the pergolas they build with wood, but it also has different quality levels.

Question: What is the Purpose of a Pergola?

Answer: We can use our empty space with a more living experience. Hence, pergolas are important to enhance those vacant spaces and give it a modern look.

Question: Can I put a cover over a Pergola?

Answer: Yes, you can, a fabric gives a shade and look to pergola. However, if it rains or snow, you will need a sturdy one. Therefore, you make your own water proof cover, or buy a metal roof pergola.

Question: How long will it take to install my Pergola kit?

Answer: Well, honestly telling it depends on the variant of pergola you are buying. Thus, if you will follow the instructions carefully and correctly you can install it within 7-8 hours. However, almost all the pergolas take more than 1 or at least 2 people to install it.

Question: Are Pergolas a permanent structure?

Answer: Pergolas usually last for 5 years, however you can increase the lifespan with care. Therefore, if you keep re-staining it and protecting it, it can last more than five years.

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