Best Safari Clothes For Men and Women

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So you ended up looking for what to wear on Safari day and what to not. Take a reference from this guide as it overall gives you cool ideas to gain a more timeless look for both the day and evening trip to Safari.

Safari Clothes For Men

  1. A) Tops and Shirts
  2. Columbia Men’s Silver Ridge 2.0 Long Sleeve Shirt

The long-sleeve fone colour shirt is a great start to a sunny day at Safari. Made in combination with a blend of synthetic materials which regulates comfort in both chilly and hot days. This material allows quick drying and ventilation with a rear vent on the back for heat management. It is often technical to find good shirts, but Columbia can ease your worries.

  1. Mountain Hardwear Canyon Shirt

Perfect shirt for hot weather. This is your must-buy shirt that offers protection from the African sun and while keeping me cool in the heat.

  1. Dickies Men’s Short Sleeve Work Shirt

These are stylish man’s shirt which is meant to stand up wear and tear, yet look decent. With short sleeves, pockets and its synthetic material, Dickie’s shirt is what good you want to wear on Safari.

  1. Hanes Sports Men’s Cool DRI Men’s Performance Tee

Be comfortable in Hanes sports t-shirt as it’s not necessary that you only opt for collar shirts. Look at the Hanes tees solid colours and then decide whether you want to go simple classic cotton or a performance fabric t-shirt.

  1. B) Pants and Bottoms
  2. KUHL Revolvr Pant

Perfect for a bush walk in Africa! This Safari pant for men gives out both professional and comfortable look. These are high-quality pants due to its durable cotton blend fabric with just a hint of nylon. Pair it with your mod Safari boots for a more catching look during downtown.

  1. PrAna Vaha Pants

Great for a bonfire and a relaxing night at Safari. These are also called stretched eco-friendly pants which make you feel free on African coasts after your Safari ride is over.

Safari Clothes For Women

  1. A) Tops and Shirts

Find the whole range of Cheap African Clothing for women here.

  1. Orvis Open Air Casting Long Sleeve Shirt

This lightweight and the breathable solid colour shirt is best for sun protection. The Open air has vented panels on the back, mesh panels, and mesh pockets that keep you cool. You can even roll up the sleeves and locked up with stylish tabs.

  1. Mountain Hardwear Canyon Shirt

Fits best for both men and women favourite Safari shirts. It offers ultimate protection from the African sun. It has a chic cut, feel and lovely design. Don’t let it go out of your reach.

  1. LE3NO Women’s Lightweight Sleeveless Military Anorak Vest

Slaying a military look at Safari. What do ya think? This lightweight, functional sleeveless military Anorak vest with a bunch of pockets could be one of the best additions to your Safari closet.

  1. PrAna Foundation Short Sleeve V-neck

Leave for Safari in a classic t-shirt which is great to dodge Africa’s sun and the material is “Lenzing Modal” is super breathable.

  1. B) Pants and Bottoms
  2. PrAna Women’s Convertible Pants

These pants are made up form a material which is highly stretchable and comfortable. With detachable legs, these pants also turn into shorts if you feel too hot.

  1. Columbia Sportswear Women’s Saturday Trail Pant

Carbon copy to PrAna pants above but this has different long legs style. We’d highly recommend you to buy one of these by considering their various colour options and material variation. These pants share the same features such as roll-up Capri, security pocket, and a button fly.

  1. Women’s Patagonia Fitted Corduroy Safari Trousers

You can make these pants all-time favourite by wearing them casually. Constructed with organic cotton, these pants are a great natural stretch of the textile. You can buy these pants directly from Patagonia’s website or one of their stores.

The above suggested Safari clothes for men and women will exhibit versatility in your every move, and these are perfect for both hot and cold days. Feel free to scoop up your suitcase with them. These are the best you can wear.

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