The Best Workouts For You & Your Significant Other

The Best Workouts For You & Your Significant Other

February is the month of love so you can use this time to finally convince your partner to join you on your fitness road. If fitness is already a crucial element of your lifestyle, you can combine your interests and find a workout that challenges you both. A popular saying states that couples who train together, kick-ass together so pack your gym bags and pick one of the following.

Running around the block

The easiest thing you can do is put your running gear on and take a quick run around the block. This type of exercise is ideal for those couples who need a lighter activity. It can be done in just thirty minutes which is perfect for those days when you just don’t have time for anything time-consuming. You can squeeze a light run in your evening routine and talk about your day while you leisurely run around the neighborhood.

The good old gym sweat session

Weight training at a nearby gym is ideal for both beginners and those who wish to simply train together at the same place. You can train together as a team and give each other a hand when needed. Just remember to adjust the weight to your strength level. Or, you can work out on your own but schedule your workouts at the same time. This way, you’ll get to work out at your own pace but also do it at the same time. This will leave plenty of room afterward to spend some quality time together without sacrificing your gym time.


CrossFit took the world by storm and many people became enamored with this kind of workout. It combines both strength training and functional movement with high-intensity training. It is very competitive as it pushes you to always do your best and achieve the best results over and over again. In other words, you either like it or not. So, couples can pick CrossFit and share the same level of commitment to different types of WOD and constant challenges. You can sometimes compete against each other and whoever is the quickest has to cook dinner that night.


Pilates is also a nice complementary workout regime great for those who are regular gym-goers and exercise freaks. To anyone who works hard on each muscle at the gym, Pilates can help activate those muscles you hardly tackle at the gym. This type of exercise is a combination of core and flexibility exercises which ultimately build endurance and increase strength. Carefully crafted pilates for beginners sequence can be something you do after a long work week to increase flexibility, improve posture and improve your core. It will help you get fit and strong together. 


A dance class will rekindle the romance for sure and bring novelty into your lives. There’s no better dance partner but your lover. Consider this as a hobby and a way to bring something new into your daily routine. Not only it’s a fun kind of exercise, but it’s also a nice way to reconnect with your significant other. You can master a dance or two like salsa or tango.  It’s also a nice way to socialize with other people and visit dance nights at cafes and have a lot of fun dancing together.


Hiking will get you outdoors and build your stamina. This is a group activity so you can invite your friends and couples and double the fun. Hiking is something you can do whenever you feel like spending some time in nature. You can visit a local trail on a weekend and include this type of workout into your regular weekly routine. Once you get bored with the same old trail you can even travel to a nearby hiking trail and turn this into a small adventure. Either way, hiking is an interesting cardio exercise you can do together and work on your fitness together.


Whenever you feel like traveling to an exotic location so you can swim all day, go to the swimming pool instead.  This will also be a great benefit to your regular strength training routine. Swimming is also a nice way to get a total body workout while enjoying the burst of endorphins. You and your partner can use swimming as an active recovery from your regular workout routine. 


Once you settle down the routine you wish to pursue, remember that exercising together is supposed to be fun. Don’t push each other when one of you doesn’t feel like doing a certain exercise. Also, don’t compete with each other. Be each other’s motivation and support. 

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