Boxers vs Briefs: Why Boxers Lead the Game

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The choice to wear either boxers or briefs for men has been a tough one for many since decades. Many fashionable men choose to wear boxers and briefs for their own reasons but experts have started to throw in their opinions on why you can choose boxers over briefs.

Boxers have proved to offer various colors, styles, sizes and materials when it comes to variety. Briefs however cannot offer much since the options are always limited. It is also based on how a man wants to achieve the comfort through his clothing varieties. Some people prefer their own favorite inner wear as per their levels of comfort and ease.

Here are five reasons why boxers easily win the game here:

  1. Comfort over all

 The reason for most men to wear boxers is simply and most importantly the one of comfort. You cannot decide to wear a boxer or a brief without measuring the levels of comfort each can guarantee. Just as in the case of wearing a mens vest, boxers can give more freedom of movement to the wearer.

Day to day activities require a man to have a smooth airflow through the genitals to ensure an ultimate comfort for the body. When worn with a pair of shorts or pants, boxers can prove to be a good supplement.

  1. Fashion choices

 There is always a greater fashion choice to choose from when it comes to boxers. Briefs, however, do not offer much from fashion domain. When a fashionable man is off to beach or sports activity, he might show off the upper portion of his boxers. It could be anything from a print of coconut trees to motorcycles on the boxers that you can flaunt.

  1. Vast material variety

It is a fact that breifs are usually made of cotton but boxer shorts can be made of cotton, silk, polyester satin, merino wool, and even woven hemp and bamboo fiber that guarantee a man to choose his own preferred fabric as per his comfort styles.

For summer season, a man might want to shop for inner wear online made of breathable cotton and for winters, insulating wool would be a better choice to go for.

  1. Sleepwear alternate

 All of us work hard these days to earn our desired salaries in order to make our ends meet. We just cannot think of spending extra on any single thing whether it be clothes or entertainment options. Instead of buying trousers and shorts for your sleep time, you can rely on a couple of worn out boxers for your sleepwear alternative.

This not only saves you a lot of useful bucks but also guarantees great levels of comfort. That sounds amazing, no?

  1. Sperm count

It is now suggested by scientists that sperm count can be improved by keeping the testes cooler. When a man wears loose boxers, it leads to enhanced airflow and ventilation resulting in cooler atmosphere around the crotch. This setting helps in improving your sperm count. You cannot expect the sperm count to multiply overnight if you start wearing boxers.

Experts suggest that it may take up to several weeks for any signs of improvement to show up so you must not expect any sudden changes to happen soon.


So, we understand it might not be easy for you to shift to boxers if you are a fan of briefs. There are various benefits of choosing to wear boxers. It is upto whatever piece of underwear you want to go with.

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