Buying the Right Kind of Water Bottle Adapter For Babies

Water Bottle

Breast milk is the best food for your baby. It is hygienic and full of vital nutrients. You do not need many bottles, teats, sterilizers and all other implements associated with bottle-feeding. It also helps to lose weight since breast milk consumes calories.

However, there are many reasons why you choose a water bottle adapter for babies. You may not get enough milk or your child may not be satisfied. You do not want to be available 10 to 20 times a day for your child. They work and they must be gone. Alternatively, you just need a break. Of course, you can always pump breast milk and you can feed your baby with it in the bottle. 

Alternatively, you have an adopted son. You may be taking medications that prevent breastfeeding. On the other hand, your child is lactose intolerant and cannot digest milk. In this case, you should give soy milk or a lactose-free formula. You do not have to feel guilty if you have to leave him for some reason. Sometimes it is a blessing to be able to feed in the tommee tippee bottle warmer, otherwise, you are constantly tired and it seems that you are only feeding your baby.

If you use bottles, other people can take care of food, be it your husband or partner, siblings, grandparents or caregivers of your child. This gives you precious leisure time: you realize the importance and quality of my time only after having a new child.

You get a plethora of benefits from bottle-feeding a baby. First, you know exactly how many foods a baby consumes daily so that he can control his intake. As the formula lasts longer in the stomach, the baby is satisfied for longer. It is convenient to bottle feed baby in public, whether in the restaurant, on trips or in other places. You do not have to restrict activities just because you have to feed your child.

There are quite a few bottles in the market. There are straight bottles, curved bottles, bottles with a wide mouth, neck bottles, bottles that you can open at both ends for easy cleaning and even chest-shaped bottles. Moreover, they are made of different materials: polypropylene, polycarbonate, glass, and plastic. They are solid or colour, clear or opaque, with colourful designs for babies in different styles and sizes. You can buy Dr. Brown bottle warmer, which you can discard after a single-use, ready-to-use bottles that already contain a formula, so you do not need to clean/sterilize and then dispose of them.

As there is a large selection of bottles, which one should I buy. You can buy something that appeals to you, which seems right, but eventually, your child will decide which bottle to use. If you are happy with what you get, it is better to stick to it. Otherwise, you should keep trying until the baby (and you) are happy with the bottle. Sometimes, some bottles can cause problems for babies if they breathe too much air or, sometimes, suffer colic or spots, which may be due not only to the formula but also to the bottle, which is suggested to avoid with newer bottles.

When you buy bottles, some of them may have a certification like BPA free. What is BPA and why is it important? A chemical called Bisphenol-A found in bottles made from polycarbonate plastic. It may leach when you pour warm milk or baby food formula into bottles and heat it in warm water.

Fortunately, there is now a complete series of bottles without BPA in the market. If you are still worried or unsure about your safety, it is better to choose glass bottles. Glass bottles are easier to clean and keep clean.

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