How You Can Expand Your Email List Using Facebook Groups
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How You Can Expand Your Email List Using Facebook Groups

Email marketing is one of the important internet marketing channels. This is because they convert. When people voluntarily give you their emails or in exchange for a free e-book or access to certain tools, they officially associate with your brand. By using the right rewriting techniques and targeting the right people in your email list, you can drive sales. The bigger your email list, the more you have a chance of improving sales. There are different ways you can get these emails. You can ask your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. If you are an e-commerce website, your visitors’ emails automatically get notified to you. However, a Facebook group is one of those platforms that are not so famously known to increase email lists. But we will share in this post with you today that how you can use Facebook groups to do just that. Facebook groups are an amazing platform for people to connect and actively engage in discussions. Public and open groups allow for a better engagement. Here is what you should do.

Post links to landing pages on the groups

When you click on a banner ad and the ad leads you to a page, it is known as the destination or landing page. It is also called the lead capture page. Advertisements and all other channels of internet marketing want to take you back to their specific landing pages. Landing pages, in this case, would be a page that will allow you to improve the total number of people added in your email list. If you share a blog post, do you think there is a chance that people will share their emails with you? On the other hand, if you offer an e-book or a free trial of your product, people will pour in their emails there.

Make groups private

When you have a private group on Facebook, people need a membership to see it. Likewise, you can list a bunch of questions to access the qualification and eligibility of a person to join that group. Your group does not need to be the biggest group out there. However, you do want every member of your group to have a story and to add some value at least. By adding these questions, you will be able to filter out the right people. At the same time, you can incorporate a question for the emails of the people who want to join. You can create a list from there. There are tools that allow you to connect these Facebook groups and your email list.

Brand your Facebook group right

There is a section of group description at Facebook. There you can choose to add a call to action. By sharing a landing page while connecting it with a decent story, you should be able to direct people to your landing page when they first see your group. Likewise, you can make use of Facebook group covers. They are huge and attention grabbing. By sharing an offer that will appeal the people to go to your landing page, you can make a huge email list.

How You Can Expand Your Email List Using Facebook Groups

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