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Clay Handicraft: DIY Wedding And Christening Accessories

Clay Handicraft: Do It Yourself Wedding and Christening Accessories

Whenever people hear ‘made from clay,’ they become suspicious about the durability and if at all said product will be pleasant to the eye. Clay handicraft accessories can be some of the most beautiful accessories you find in the market. Are you looking for something individualistic? Something breathtaking? Then handcrafted clay accessories are the best option for you.

A wedding is one of the most memorable and special occasions, and you would need to stand out whether you are the bride or a member of the bridal train. And if you are conducting a christening ceremony, then you would want to give something remarkable to the angel being christened. Everyone like quality full wedding accessories Contrary to popular opinion, but clay handicraft accessories are quite durable. It’s all about where you got them from.

Many members of the royal family make use of clay handicraft accessories

The crafter would always make an effort to pay attention to detail, engraving each pattern or print intricately, carving each curve with precision and passion. Most times, a particular design can not be replicated precisely, thereby making each piece unique. Clay happens to be a very durable material, and these items can be handed down, from one generation to another. 

The most popular handcrafted wedding accessories you can get are:

  • Tiaras
  • Flower headpieces
  • Heirlooms
  • Earrings
  • Decorative combs

The most popular handcrafted christening accessories you can get:

  • Flower headpieces
  • Baptismal candle set
  • Key chains (that bear name tags)
  • Christening favors
  • Decorative combs
  • Rosaries

One can even get clay handicraft decorations. You can place special orders for the items and give whatever specifications you want. There is also a wide selection of souvenirs you can give to attendants of the wedding decoration or christening ceremony.

Reasons Why You Should Go For  Clay Handicraft  Accessories

  • There is a variety of unique designs to choose from. You can even have an idea from your head brought to life.
  • There is remarkably better customer service because most of the time, you are communicating directly with the crafter.
  • Clay Handicraft accessories are classy and sophisticated.
  • They are quite affordable because since you would mostly be dealing with the crafter, you would be able to bargain prices
  • Most of the accessories are oven-dried and are light in weight. 
  • They are mostly made of pastel colors and therefore rarely clash with other colors.
  • You can even create a legacy by getting a particular item handcrafted to your taste and specification and then passed from one generation to another.

Cons of handcrafted wedding and christening accessories made from clay

  • Can get broken when being moved from one place to another or even while being used.
  • Because of the intricacy of design and imprinting patterns, at times, you may not get precisely what you requested.

If you are good at handricraft then you can surely Do It Yourself. That way, it’s even more symbolic. Imagine personally handcrafting a name tag key chain for your child, or individually handcrafting your wedding tiara. Magical! Honestly, they look so much more sophisticated than the metal and plastic accessories people tend to purchase and I believe there’s a level of satisfaction you would have within you when you wear something classy and unique.

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