Comfortable Walking Sandals Straight Out of Rachel Green’s Wardrobe

comfortable Walking Sandals

There’s a new wave of trend in the current fashion scene. From major brand names to minor labels, everyone is inclining towards comfortable wear. Whether it is clothes or footwear, comfort comfortable walking sandals styling has taken over the fashion world. Celebrities and fashion bloggers are using their platforms to preach about wellness sandals and comfy clothes. What if we tell you it’s not a new trend? Despite the fact that earlier in the ’80s and 90’s women put their self through beauty stigmas and tortures to look feminine, comfort has always prevailed to exist somewhere in the background.

If we talk about foot comfort, heels were seen everywhere back in the days. However, it may not be entirely true. Flats have always been the primal choice of comfort-loving women.

entirely true. Flats have always been the primal choice of comfort-loving women.

The Evergreen Style Icon

One of the top fashion icons of the ’90s and 2000s was surely Rachel Green from FRIENDS. Not only for that period, but she remains to be the top fashion icon. Her style inspiration is considered as high vintage fashion which many women are embracing these days. Despite her high fashion sense, Rachel’s wardrobe included comfort wear and cute comfortable sandals for walking such as flats, thong sandals, turtlenecks, tank tops, and blazers.

Footwear plays a key role in her entire dressing. She always chose extremely sophisticated and best walking sandals. Carrying nude colors of comfortable walking sandals was surely her forte. Her wardrobe was certainly filled with blacks, browns, and other neutral colored walking sandals.

If one could define her style briefly, it would surely be called ‘comfy and chic’. Her style surely depicted her childlike bubbly personality and femininity. The always active and fun-loving Rachel was a huge fan of laid back clothing, which shows the trend of comfort is not a recent product. Rachel Green was changing the game when everyone was busy walking in pointy heels.

We have compiled a list of our favorite comfortable walking sandals as worn by Rachel Green in Friends. The simple and easy to achieve looks are going to be your favorite thing you see today. Have a look;

The One with the Slides 

This look is impeccable for hanging out with your friends and peers. Green donned on plain denim cut-offs with an NYPD tank top. The light and dark tones of blow complement the gloomy weather of New York City. Her long legs were accentuated by a pair of black slides. Her comfortable walking sandals with thick outsole add to the height and overall tomboy style.

The toned down and casual look of these walking sandals with arch support made rounds among the fans of Rachel Green, and this style became famous. The thick sole style is still a huge rage among young women. This look can easily be achieved with any top paired with denim shorts and some cute looking slide sandals.

The one with Cargo pants

Cargo pants were surely Rachel’s go-to lowers. They are still one of the common trends even today. You can wear these pants to the market, superstore or for a casual evening out with your friends. Rachel wore this outfit to lounger around with her friends. She flawlessly paired her cargo pants with pale yellow neck high top. Her much laid back outfit was completed with flip flops most comfortable walking sandals. Her flip flops even had a thick sole which soon became a signature feature of casual indoor sandals.

The flip flops incorporated thin straps which added a chic touch to her look. As mentioned before, she was supporting brown color here as well. Browns and blacks are surely one of her favorite hues when it comes to best comfortable walking sandals.

The one with patent leather Shoes

Patent leather is one of the premium trends in the fashion industry. It is also an evergreen trend that women of all ages have been donning on. However, it reached its peak during the ’80s and ’90s. Rachel green was also spotted wearing patent leather slip-on shoes. Comfy, sophisticated, and convenient shoes were the major highlight of her entire café out. She lounged at central park in a striped dress which was a mix of formal and trendy. Her patent leather slip-on shoes made her look every bit sophisticated. If you are not in the mood to wear comfortable walking sandals but, still want to remain at ease, then this is your best option. This is a typical Rachel Green outfit as it depicts her quintessential style and fashion sense which is a blend of comfort and style.

The one with the flip flops

It seems as if Rachel is a huge fan of flip flops. She was once again seen wearing comfortable walking sandals in the form of flip flops. Her neutral-colored flip flops soon became famous among the women who understood high fashion. She paired her comfortable walking sandals with a long dress which exuded casual and comfy vibes. Her high messy bun added to the comfortable façade of this attire. Rachel wore this simple but statement outfit for her shopping spree and bought tons of new clothes and footwear. We can only wonder what sandals she got on this spree!

The One with all The Greige

Rachel was not only a fan of nude colors, but she adored the shades of gray just as much. A large chunk of her office wear consisted of gray suits, and this color palette was also seen in her casual outfits. She was seen wearing a black top with gray office trousers. She threw over a greige sweater over her outfit and completed this attire with thick-soled slides. Her rubber comfortable walking sandals were her trusty companion for the trip. She wore these most comfortable sandals for travel when she was coming back from Vegas. These slippers surely supported her for the long walks and the tiring and long trip.

The style of Rachel Green was surely revolutionary. From her signature ‘Rachel haircut’ to her use of leather and suede’s, she has set a new mark for fashion brands and changed the style game for all the divas of her time. The most important thing about her style is that it still works well even today, when fashion has drastically changed, it only shows how fashion-forward Rachel Green was.

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