Common Massages You Can Get at a Local Spa


Thailand is famous for its beaches and massages. If you are traveling to this tropical country, it would be a sin to miss out on the amazing spas and treatments that are offered here. Many people travel to Thailand because they are looking to spend a bit of time with their loved ones or just want to relax. There are hundreds of massage parlors in major cities like Bangkok and Phuket, but most of them offer a variety of common massages that you might see being offered at different places. If you are in Thailand, here are some of the best massages that you need to try.

Thai Massage

The eponymous Thai massage is one of the best choices for people traveling to this country. It’s the specialty of this country, and it’s going to make you incredibly relaxed. The traditional massage doesn’t involve the use of any kinds of oils or lotions. On top of that, the recipient remains clothed throughout the course of the treatment. Instead of rubbing the muscles as in a common massage, the masseuse compresses, pulls, stretches, and rocks the body. This is done so as to release all of the tension from the muscles. To truly enjoy this massage, you should wear loose and comfortable clothing. The masseuse is going to ask you to change positions from time to time, contorting your body into various yoga positions while helping to release the tension from the muscles. Static and rhythmic pressures are applied to release the tension from the body. Going for a Thai massage and spa should be high on your list, as it’s going to make you incredibly relaxed.

Hot Stone Massage

While you can get a hot stone massage at almost any spa in the world, it won’t be quite like the ones that you get in Thailand. The conventional hot stone massage involves the use of hot stones that are flat and kept at different parts of the body to relieve the tension from the muscles. These heated rocks provide instant relief and you will notice a massive difference once the massage is over. The masseuse is also going to release the tension by massaging the muscles. These massages are given in very relaxing and soothing environments with incense to put your mind and body both at ease.

Full Body Massage

Last, but not least, you should definitely consider going for a full body massage. The full body massage is going to make you incredibly relaxed and involves a head to toe massage that will make you incredibly rejuvenated and relaxed. Going for a massage every other day while you are staying in Thailand is an excellent idea and you will notice a massive change in your body as blood circulation improves dramatically and the body becomes quite relaxed. These are just a few common massages that you can get at a local spa in the country.

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