A Complete Guide For Brands To Stream Live

A Complete Guide For Brands To Stream Live

Ever since the evolution of digitalization, enormous growth has been recorded each year with advancements in technology. As we stepped into the digital era, live streaming is gaining more hike and its popularity is reaching a peak. An incline of various brands towards live streaming solutions has been recorded, irrespective of their popularity, size & existence in the strategic digital marketing dynamics. Watching the live event in person is yet another thing live streaming is the biggest trend prevailing in social media. Nowadays, as it allows customers to catch the live broadcast of the event removing the barrier of geographical boundaries. 

Periscope was the first app that initiated live streaming solutions and created a hype amongst the internet industry. Live streams have become the sensation on social media way back in 2015. Following the footsteps of Periscope, various social media giants like Facebook, Instagram & youtube offer live streaming services to its users. Live webcast on facebook, youtube, Instagram, periscope live is the basic choice for brands when it comes to streaming live.

Facebook online video streaming services allow brands to engage a wider fan base around the world. Whether we talk about live chats or interactive Q & A sessions or showcasing the behind the scene scenarios, live streaming serves all. Facebook webcasting providers help brands to leverage by utilizing the capabilities of social media platforms. 

Live Streaming On Social Networks

Live streaming social networks allow brands to build a sense of trust amongst its customers while building strong relationships. It connects the audience with the brand on an emotional level, resulting in brand loyalty. Live webcasts allow the audience to interact with the brand and other customers in real-time. Live streaming is the most powerful marketing tool utilized by brands used nowadays. If you have not yet started to stream live, now is the time to pace up your digital marketing game. A little planning before streaming live resolves the concern of errors during the live webcasts. 

Just with a simple smartphone, you are ready to stream live. Live streams are here to stay and offer endless possibilities for brands to grow and expand their horizons. Various live-streaming apps are trending in the current scenario with their own set of advantages. Let’s have a look at some of the most talked social media apps that offer live streaming services. 

1. Facebook Live

Facebook is one of the most popular, oldest social media app, which have billions of active users around the globe. This is the most common apps on which people of all age groups are found easily. With the advancements in technology and walking with the recent trend, facebook worked on its algorithms. Facebook online video streaming services that helped various brands to improve their digital marketing strategies. Facebook live broadcast of an event allows brands to reach an audience base globally removing the barrier of geographical restrictions.

A brand can connect with its target audience through real-time interactions and comments. Going live on Facebook is simple, clicking the “GO LIVE” button, you will be streaming live while reaching millions. Live streams on facebook live, create a sense of urgency among the audience. It motivates them to tune in at the time of facebook live broadcast to catch the event. Live streams on Facebook Live allow brands to interact with their customers through real-time commenting and answer the valuable questions by audiences to keep them engaged.

Brands can share their facebook live stream on websites, to generate more traffic to the site resulting in better sales leads. Live stream on Facebook live, stays for a timeline of 24 hrs which makes it the most popular digital marketing strategy for brands to organize flash sales. Facebook live video streaming solutions are helping various brands in ample ways while connecting target audiences through Q & A sessions, live chats, polls, contests, etc.

Big names are even opting for live streaming solutions to leverage the brand and expand its reach. Contacting professional facebook live webcasting providers will help you in sharing your facebook live webcast on social media platforms, thereby expanding the brand’s reach and finding more potential target customers.

2. Youtube Live

Youtube is the first app that clicks the mind of a person when we talk about watching videos. With the advancements in technology, youtube has worked on its algorithms and offers youtube video streaming solutions for its users. To live stream on youtube live, brands need a channel with a hundred plus subscribers. Some brands have their presence on youtube, since the beginning. They have millions of subscribers which makes it easier for brands to opt for live webcasts on youtube.

Live streams on youtube live, last for a longer duration when compared to any other social media platform. Changing the settings to the public during youtube broadcast video helps in reaching a wider audience base globally. Consulting youtube live streaming service providers can help brands to share their youtube live webcasts to various other social media platforms. It helps in engaging a wider audience base.

3. Periscope Live

Periscope Live is the first app that initiated live webcast on periscope way back in 2014. It’s linked to your brand’s Twitter account, which allows live streams to be shared on twitter too. It helps in engaging a wider audience base. Once a brand opts to live stream on periscope Live, a push notification is sent to the followers. Live webcasts on periscope allow audiences to add comments and add hearts to the live stream while making the session engaging and interactive. Live stream on periscope live stays up to a 24 hour time duration and can be even be saved. 

4. Instagram Live

Instagram is the most trending app amongst youth in the current era. Brands that target gen-next can opt for Instagram Live streaming solutions to reach a large sum of the audience worldwide. Instagram live streams stay for 24 hrs after the live webcast of an event gets over. Live streams are added at the top of the news feed with a red highlight which makes it easy to catch users’ sight. Instagram live streaming solutions allow brands to organize polls, contests & interactive sessions to engage customers and invoke their interest in a particular brand.

It enables the brand to build a relationship with its customers. Live streaming allows brands to take customer’s feedback into consideration. It allows brands to pin up the most valuable comments at the top disable inappropriate comments. Instagram live streaming service providers will help you out in saving the live streams on Instagram and sharing it with various other social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, etc.

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