A Complete Travel Guide To Pakistan For New Backpackers

A Complete Travel Guide To Pakistan For New Backpackers

Please stop doing unnecessary work because it’s time to travel, Serene Airlines Ticket Booking makes yours Travel easy today, travel is not fun only and some people say travel is just time-wasting work, but it’s not true because without travel you cannot learn and earn, so in this article I will try to provide complete guideline, if you are new backpackers or if you are not then our article also help you a. So, without wasting your more time, let’s start.

Pakistan is situated in the west of India and China while Iran and Afghanistan share their border with Pakistan on the western side. Pakistan, albeit a serene and in all respects inviting country has been in all respects gravely hit by the notorious war on terrorism by the countries who always envied the landscape and blessing of the country.

The spectacular views of the mountains the green plains, colorful deserts, and the mighty Indus River are just a few things that this country has been blessed with. We are additionally honored with the most seasoned history of the world. Look at the civilizations of Egypt, Mesopotamia, and even our Indus civilizations looks way too far well developed and well organized. We are the individuals who had a twofold arrangement of the loads and the most precise one 5000 yes 5,000 years back.

Don’t Worry About Visa:

If we are discus no visa extension rules than just I say it’s really friendly because every person want to visit Pakistan. Just because of our friendly environment and our rules of visa force. You must travel to Pakistan because same like the people of Pakistan they are also very easy. Just apply for a visa and within a few days, your visa approved and you can travel to Pakistan without any hesitation. If you want to extend your visa don’t worry our embassy people really cooperative. And now due to the advance technology, you can apply for e-visa by sitting anywhere in the world.

Cultural Behavior:

Pakistan is one of the most ethnically and socially different nations – From the South Asian looks individuals of Punjab and Sindh; to the individuals of the Pashtun zones, closer to Iran or Afghanistan; the pagan culture of Kalash; the Shias from Gilgit and Nagar; the Ismailis of lower Hunza and the Wakhis of upper Hunza. Growing in Pakistan takes after going in a couple of, assorted minor countries. It’s fascinating.

Wearing a Shalwar Kameez its Pakistani dress, which 80% or 90% of Pakistanis wear, is called Shalwar Kameez. Should you wear it? It’s not compulsory but, if you do, the locals will really appreciate it, especially in the Pashtun areas.

Transport In Pakistan:

There is a great variety of transport options in Pakistan for moving to see the beauty of Pakistan; the local buses and tourist’s bus are usually the reasonable prices. But if you want to splash out on something more comfortable and fabulous to make your journey memorable, then go with domestic airlines. Flights in Pakistan are cheap and a good way to skip some truly horrific bus journeys and don’t forget Airlines Promotional Deals always make your travel planning easy and affordable while autos quite expensive.


The Paris of Pakistan and the starting point for many a Pakistan backpacking adventures, Lahore is one of the most favorite cities in the world. The colors, the sounds, the smells, it all is best.

Make certain to visit the Badshahi Mosque; one of the most amazing destinations in Lahore and the seventh biggest mosque on the planet. The patio can suit 100,000 admirers and the connected gallery contains numerous sacred relics having a place with the prophet Mohammed. The Grand Jamia Mosque is really staggering, a calm, quiet place that is lit up during the evening; I suggest a night walk around. Lahore Fort is noteworthy and worth a visit on the off chance that you have the opportunity to save. The best supper sees around the local area is from the amazing Haveli restaurant where you can watch the sun sink behind Badshahi Mosque and devour conventional Mughal food.


The capital of Pakistan and a wonderfully clean and beautiful city. Islamabad has a few sites worth visiting, but can be happily conquered in just a day. Centaurus Shopping Mall represents your last chance to stock up on anything you may need in the mountains. From Islamabad, your most logical option is to travel north. Really, the majority of Pakistan’s most amazing destinations and stunning exploring treks are in the North and in the late spring. The South of the nation is agonizingly hot in any case. So in the end just I say Pakistan is one of the most beautiful countries. And must schedule your next travel to Pakistan we always welcome you.

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