Contact Lenses vs Eye Glasses: which one should I choose?

Contact Lenses vs Eye Glasses

Glasses and contact lenses are a huge blessing for those who have weak eye sight. To see the world in a blur takes the joy out of it all. And once you do get diagnosed and get glasses/lenses, to look upon the world with correct eye sight once again is such a delight! The sky looks brighter, the leaves greener, the billboards all the more appealing.

To make the decision whether to go for glasses or contacts is another dilemma altogether as both have their pros and cons. It is important to understand that one isn’t necessarily superior than the other and several things ought to be considered before making a decision, such as:

  • Lifestyle,
  • Comfort,
  • Convenience,
  • Budget, and of course,
  • Aesthetics

When going out to purchase contact lenses Australia, make sure to gather all information beforehand. This article attempts to summarize some key considerations in detail.

Comparing Contacts and Glasses

  • Ease of Use

Both contacts and glasses have kind of a different comfort so to say. For instance, for people who are constantly on the go, using glasses could be a bit of a hassle for them. However, with lenses too, there is an issue of drying out. Wearing contacts for long durations can lead to irritability and dry eyes, easily fixed by carrying around the liquid solution!

  • Level of Movement

This is a very important key factor. Glasses are no doubt quite comfortable since they are extremely low maintenance. All you need to do is put them on and voila! You’re good to go. For those of us however, who are involved in any form of physical activity such as swimming, running, squash or any other contact sport, glasses are a huge risk, not to mention a gigantic nuisance.

They keep slipping off! They could also shatter, leading to injuries. So for any kind of sport, contact lenses Australia are definitely the better choice.

  • Physical Appearance

With regards to physical appearance, the decision depends largely on personal preference. For classes and maybe even meetings at work, wearing glasses could make you look more vested and more serious.

For events where you actually want to look all dapper, lenses would be the better choice. Girls for sure prefer to wear lenses to any place where any form of eye makeup is required. After all, make all the effort on creating beautiful eye looks and then just mask it all with glasses? Doesn’t make sense at all, does it?

However, in recent times there’s a considerably diverse variety of frames available in all forms, colors, shapes and sizes so if the task of putting something in your eye is daunting for you, never fear!

  • Different Eye Colors!

This is one category where lenses definitely trump glasses! Events such as Halloween call for a completely disguised personality and for that, differently colored lenses are of course the way to go!

Not only for Halloween, but also for experimenting with different eye colors, creating makeup looks which are a 100% put together, and for many other reasons, colored lenses can be used. The best part is that with advancements in technology, colored lenses can also cater to those with weak eyesights.

  • Vision Quality

There are many instances where it is absolutely essential that your vision be uncompromised in every way. When you are driving for instance, any blind spot in your range of vision could be absolutely deadly.

Contacts are really useful in this regard as they adapt to the curvature of the eyes and thus provide a wider, as well as clearer field of view. This causes a significantly enhanced field of view with less obstructions and/or distortions as compared to glasses.

  • Sunlight

Sunlight is another imperative factor to consider. While sunlight is a major issue for people who wear glasses, people who choose to wear contact lenses are no exception either. If you are someone who works outdoors and prefers to wear sunglasses, you might want to go for contact lenses.

  • Cost

For many of us, cost is something which is of primary concern. When you weigh both glasses and contact lenses Australia, the cost can vary from hundreds of dollars. While buying lenses is affordable initially, the cost can add later with buying its monthly liquid solutions, etc. For glasses, the initial cost is higher; however, it is a one-time payment!

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