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How to Design a Cross-platform Marketing campaign

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Today’s media consumption habits are widely varied across demographics, which makes marketing all the more challenging. This has compelled creatives like Eyal Gutentag, an accomplished entrepreneur, to move further beyond the scope of traditional marketing and combine various efforts into a multi-channel approach.

The main aim of applying a cross-platform marketing approach is maximizing brand and product reach and increasing revenue generation. When executing such a campaign, several factors can affect your strategies. Here are some of those factors.

Synchronize the Message

Cross-platform marketing strategies entail combining different channels of communication to pass the relevant information. The key to achieving a streamlined campaign is to unify the content and message towards a similar strategy. Data obtained from customer responses and engagement can also be utilized in the campaign materials to personalize the content.

When developing a cross-platform strategy, you should use the unified data to create standout messages unique to the different marketing channels. The unique messages are meant to capture customers who prefer to access information using one channel over others.

Target Your Market

The consumer market is vast and diverse. The purpose of integrating a multi-channel approach is to tap into the different market segments and demographics and position your brand and products among the relevant audiences. Utilizing a cross-platform strategy allows for a better understanding of different demographics – their needs and wants, to create effective and efficient marketing strategies geared towards them.

Personalization of marketing strategies in these campaigns also plays an essential role in product design, pricing, and promotion of products and services. Targeting in cross-platform marketing is also used in analyzing and selecting priority channels.

Choose Your Channels

Different channels of communication attract different consumers, and they utilize distinct styles of messaging. Cross-platform marketing is advantageous in gaining insights over how some channels are performing compared to others. This is made possible through the optimization of data, which can also be applied to cross-channel cooperation.

Although cross-channel marketing is much more involving than single-channel marketing, it’s more effective and generates quick results. However, it’s important to set your goals from the beginning to justify the ROI.

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