Designing and Printing Custom Cosmetic Box Packaging for Night Serums

custom cosmetic packaging

Night serums are used for getting rid of wrinkles, dull-looking skin and improving uneven skin tone. There are a number of night serums available with different formulation but most of them are used for rejuvenating skin and adding a brightening effect to it. 

If you have a whole range of night serums that you intend to promote and sell, signature packaging can effectively assist you with accomplishing this goal. You can make the most of custom boxes for creating unique inkling for the serums. For newly launched products, you can have dazzling packaging designed to create hype for the night elixirs. 

Cosmetic brands that have innovative product formulation, flaunt this unique selling point through packaging. You can stir the interest of potential customers in your serum range by explaining the benefits of regular usage through product boxes. Professionally designed and printed cosmetic boxes for night serums are likely to enhance your brand’s image. 

You can use the boxes for displaying your night serum collection. Always seek the expertise of a competent printer like The Legacy Printing for your custom packaging endeavor.

Here are some tips that will assist you in designing and printing packaging for serums!

Packaging Design should complement your Product Features 

Creativity definitely matters for packaging design but you need to have an artwork that complements the product you are promoting. If your night serum repairs the damaged, dry and dull skin; the packaging layout should give an instant idea about these benefits. Whether you use more text or pictorial details, they should convey the concept explicitly. The cosmetic packaging box design should be insignia of your brand and the product you are selling. Don’t use irrelevant artwork as it will confuse the shoppers. 

Make the Boxes Gripping and Compelling

If you want customers to like your night serum range and show interest in purchasing it, use the product packaging to your advantage. You should make the boxes gripping and compelling enough that they leave the shoppers curious about the night serum. You should have pointers that explain how the face elixir helps removing fine lines and other signs of aging along with fixing uneven skin tone, pore issues, and other skin problems. If the serum can be used for all skin types, highlight it on custom cosmetic packaging. 

Boxes for Serums should be of Finest Quality

Face serums are quite susceptible to getting affected by extreme heat, cold and shock. You need to make sure that the printing material used in packaging is of the finest quality. Discuss your concerns with the printer and have a look at a stock book or sample items to get an insight into various material options. You can ask for inserts to get printed with the boxes for protecting the serum bottles from getting broken or spilled. 

Cosmetic Box should have Product Usage Information 

To facilitate consumers to use the product effectively for desired results, you should clearly mention the usage information on packaging. How the serum should be applied at night and mention a timeline that you think will be viable for gauging the effect. This will make your product more reliable for potential customers and they will not be confused about using the serum or how long they will have to wait to see the results. 

Mention the net weight of the product along with best before date clearly on the boxes. 

All in all, we hope the above mentioned tips will help you devise an ideal custom packaging solution for serums that’ll boost your sales volume and positively affect your bottom line. Something that can help you extend your product range and business footprint.

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