What is the difference between a Jelly roll pan and a Cookie Sheet?

Jelly roll pan and a Cookie Sheet

When it comes to Jelly roll pans, most people get confused. Most of the mistake a Jelly roll pan for a Cookie Sheet. If you want to understand the difference between a Cookie sheet and a Jelly roll pan, then read the article given below. 

What is a Jelly roll pan? 

A jelly roll pan (either 18 inches by 12 inches, also known as a half sheet pan, or 15 ½ inches by 10 ½ inches) comprises sides of one-inch height, it is excellent for making cake rolls. A good Jelly roll pan is also a terrific pan for roasting vegetables, nuts and others.

What is a Cookie Sheet? 

A Cookie Sheet can also be called a metal sheet, 1 or 2 sides of a Cookie sheet is bent up to provide ease in handling. A Cookie Sheet is designed in such a way that allows the air to freely circulate around the cookies so that the cookies can brown and bake evenly. 

Using a Cookie Sheet versus a Jelly Roll Pan: 

If you want to bake jelly roll cakes and you are thinking of baking them in your cookie sheet, then you are doing wrong. Cookie sheets should never be used for baking jelly roll cakes, this is because cookies do not consist of rolled edges. This makes the batter fall out of the pan. Cookie sheets are specifically designed in such a way that they lack the side edges, this is done to promote an even baking of your cookies (all over the surface). 

Mostly, when referring to sheet pans, the name “cookie sheet” is used mistakenly. All types of sheet pans do not have narrow width and length of Jelly roll pans. If you use a sheet pan to bake your jelly roll cake, this can make the end product drier and thinner. Hence, we recommend you to not use a sheet pan for making jelly rolls otherwise you may end up getting a ruined product.

Also, using a half sheet in spite of a jelly roll pan may ruin your cake. Baking sheets look similar to the Jelly roll pans. A jelly roll pan has perfect and distinctive dimensions that can give the structural integrity to your sheet or sponge cakes. The structural integrity is required for your cakes to stay together after rolling and filling. By the use of a jelly roll pan, you can easily create your favourite treat without bothering about crumbling, burning, or cracking.

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