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Different Methods to keep your Bathroom Tiles Sparkling

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The main function of any bathroom is to make us clean and hygienic. But what happens when the room where we clean ourselves itself becomes unsanitary and unhealthy? Yes, that’s what happens to your bathroom when you use it regularly but clean it occasionally. Your bathroom is the most important part of your house as this is the place where everyone needs access to from dawn to dusk. May it be getting ready for your office, taking a deep and relaxing bath or for any number of hygiene issues we all run to the bathroom. Just imagine how difficult it’s going to be without a bathroom at your house. We can always take the help of expert bathroom cleaning services in Bangalore like TechSquadTeam to do a thorough cleaning for us but it is always good to have a decent knowledge about home remedies helpful in cleaning your bathroom.

When it comes to your bathroom, almost all of us focus on cleaning the toilet, the bathtubs, the basins, and the faucets. What most of us forget about are the walls of the bathrooms and the tiles on them. The bathroom tiles are an integrated part of any bathroom and are equally important. You can notice that due to repeated sprinkling of water your bathroom walls remain damp throughout the day and this leads to grime and dirt deposition which is both hideous to look at and responsible for health hazards. Uncountable germs would be finding shelter in this grout formed between these tiles. It’s always recommended to clean the bathroom tiles once a week as daily cleaning might not be possible.

The next question in your mind must be how to keep the bathroom tiles clean. Here are a few Do-It-Yourself ways that you can use to keep a dazzling bathroom.

  1. A mixture of Baking Soda and Vinegar – One of the finest results of cleaning comes from a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. It can be used on both the floor and wall tiles at the same time. For the making of this solution take equal measures of both the ingredients and mix them thoroughly inside a sprayer. Once a dilute solution is made, spray the solution on the grime-covered wall or floor and leave it for a minute or two before wiping it with a cloth and get dazzling results. The vinegar acts as a degreaser and the baking soda helps in eliminating the odour and scrubbing.
  2. A combination of bleach and baking soda – Sodium Bicarbonate is commonly known as baking soda and bleach together make a paste which is very effective on grout. While using bleach it is always advised to use gloves. Take bleach and baking soda in equal amounts and make a paste and apply the paste on the walls and floor titles to deep clean them. Once you have applied the paste wait for an hour before wiping it with a wet cloth. Baking soda removes the odour and helps in scrubbing the surface whereas the bleach acts as a disinfectant and title whitener.
  3. An admixture of salt and wet wipe – Iodine or salt has various and incredible uses. One of the best uses of salt can be in your bathroom. All you have to do is wipe your bathroom wall with a wet cloth and sprinkle some salt on top of it. Now scrub away the grime and grout on the walls at specific locations or all over the wall and leave it overnight. Wipe out the salt and along with the grime the next day and get a sparkling new bathroom.
  4. Just some lemon juice – Due to the acidity in lemons, it is considered as one of the effective cleaning agents. Just add some lemon juice to a sprayer, spray it directly on the wall with grime and just after a few minutes you can notice the grime loosening. Take a sponge and wipe out the grout. Or you can also do it the other way. Spray some lemon juice in a sponge and wipe out the grime with it.

With these remedies, you can surely take care of your darkened and grout covered bathroom tiles and transform your bathroom into a fresh and hygienic space. However, if it’s taking too much of your elbow grease, simply call TechSquadTeam, the experts in bathroom cleaning services in Bangalore, on 080-4653-5800 or visit our website www.techsquadteam.com to book our services.

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