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Different Types of Sod Grass to Solve Your Lawn Problems

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It is very troubling for people who try to maintain something but big problems start to develop. At many times it solves after a few tries but on other occasions, despite efforts, the difficulty remains there or to add insult to injury the intensity increases. If the problem that is not been solved is minor then you can leave it and focus on something else. But when the problems are with your lawn then you can’t ignore it and especially if it the grass that is creating it all.

You don’t have to worry because there are many varieties in sod farms in Georgia.

Problems your Lawn Faces:

You are proud of your creation of a perfect garden that everything is in the perfect place. But after sometimes you see that the grass is developing problems. You may think that there is only one trouble with the grass but there are other complications that can begin to spread.

Grass Turns Brown:

The most common type of dilemma that the grass has to face is when it starts turning brown. At first,it is of dark brown color but gradually turn into light brown. There are many reasons for this dilemma such as less watering, too much exposure to the sun or people walking on the grass more often. This can also be the reason of burnt grass, especially in the extreme summer season.

The grass is disappearing:

Children are very energetic and spirited so they love to run around and especially in the open spaces like lawns and gardens. This is very dangerous for ordinary grass because when people walk more on it so it can start to disappear. Another cause is when the soil is not up to the standards.

Fungus Difficulty:

Have you ever noticed large circles on your lawn? You can never miss it as they are huge in size. They are called fairy rings and are caused by a fungus that develops in the soil. Although the infected grass seems to be dark green it releases nitrogen in the soil which helps in fungal growth. If not treated properly poisonous mushrooms can grow around it.

No Growth in the Shade:

Ordinary grass needs sunlight to grow properly so you must observe that no grass grows under the thick shade of the trees. Or for that matter under any kind of place where there is less exposure to sunlight.

Insects and Pests Trouble:

The grass in your lawn is always a risk of many different kinds of insects and pests. Most of the time the garden is full of ants, Chafer Grubs, Fiery Skipper, Fleas and many types of bugs and pests inhabit the lawn.

Uneven Grass Development:

This problem can be rarely seen in lawns but it is there. Sometimes the fertilizer provided to the soil is distributed unevenly. The grass can also grow in different colors like dark green, yellow and brown.

Different Sod Grass Solving Problems:

What if there is a solution to all of the grass problems you are having? Yes, there is an answer which is to have sod grass installed by Atlanta Sod Farms. There are many varieties available that can solve all of your grass troubles in the very first installation.

All Kinds of Sod Grass:

Almost all sod grass has the quality to fight off various problems that normal grass has to face. You have to carefully choose which sod is the best option for you depending on the climatic region you are living in and which type you want to have.

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Palmetto/ St. Augustine sod in Atlanta:

This sod can easily solve your problem of grass not growing in the shade. It can tolerate the cold weather in this manner it has the ability to grow where there is less sunlight available. It is ideal for landscaping under the trees and even inside the home. Another quality it has is that it can also withstand the extremely hot season.

Tifway 419 Bermuda:

Tifway 419 Bermuda is ideal if you are having problems with insects, pests, and fungus. It doesn’t matter whether your lawn will be in a cold region or hot; these fungus, insects, and pests thrive in all temperatures. So you have to install grass that will be the best in all weathers.

Emerald Zoysia:

During the summer season, it is hard to go outside and take care of your lawn. So less water is given to the grass which is the cause of burnt grass that eventually turns brown. Emerald Zoysia is one of such sod grass that is the most heat resistant of all. Another reason for the grass turning to brown is people walking more often on it but if you will install this sod then your problem is immediately solved.

Tall Fescue:

Tall Fescue is a unique grass cultivated in sod farms in Georgia because it has been made in such a way to grow evenly. The speed of the growth is very good and you will not have to complain about losing or disappearing grass.

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