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Digital marketing: the 7 best-proven growth paths

Digital marketing

Are you looking for ideas and efficiency to increase your client portfolio? Do you want to be visible and increase your professional activity? Do you want to set up real customer acquisition methods?

Here is a list of the best means available. These are strategies from digital marketing. It consists of putting in place effective tools and processes to attract customers to you, rather than to go looking for them.

Digital Marketing Strategy

You benefit from dynamic solutions that provide short-, medium- and long-term solutions. You can therefore really concentrate on your business to deliver the best. These digital marketing methods have already proven their effectiveness in increasing companies’ customer portfolios, visibility, and awareness.

Among the strategies mentioned, some will be much better suited to your company profile than others. The advice of a web marketing agency will be useful and necessary to define the best digital marketing strategy to implement.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Digital SEO Marketing Natural SEO is the first part to consider in your digital marketing strategy. It consists of positioning one or more pages of your website in the best link results, about certain keywords.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is an extremely effective marketing element but requires patience and a lot of skill. To position a page in an excellent position, we will talk about several months, on the most competitive keywords. When the pages of your website are correctly optimized, they will certainly generate an excellent ROI. This method is less expensive over time than any other web marketing strategy.

Site optimization covers several criteria, HTML tag optimization, URL and title optimization, text tag structuring, optimized content and many more. It seems that there are now nearly 300 positioning criteria in the Google algorithm. Some are much more important than others, nevertheless, once this work is done your page will keep a good position for a very long time, which will give you good visibility for a long time.

Sponsored links or paid referencing (SEA)

SEA Digital MarketingPaying referencing consists of the purchase of keywords, which allows obtaining very quickly filtered and qualified traffic. There are several advertising agencies in this respect: Google Adwords is the best known, but there are also Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, LinkedIn Ads, etc…

Just like natural referencing, paid referencing requires knowledge. It is very easy to create a paid referencing campaign. However, the phases of parameterization and optimization require more skills. You will need an expert in SEA.

Each advertising agency offers its advantages according to your objectives. Facebook Ads will be more used for impulse buying, unplanned, (perfumes, cosmetics, flea markets, clothing, shoes, sweets, etc.). Facebook is very effective for BtoC commerce. LinkedIn Ads and Viadeo Ads have many advantages for merchants who have a BtoB target. Google Adwords offers the advantage of covering both sectors with very powerful targeting options.

Social networks (SMO)

Social networks affect several phases of the conversion journey. They are extremely effective in terms of customer relationship sustainability. Different categories of social media can be used depending on your objectives. Here is a ranking that may help you:

– social networks, (Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn, etc.)

– Blogs

– Microblogging services (Twitter)

– Bookmark sharing service (Digg, Delicious, etc.)

– Multimedia sharing service (YouTube, Flickr, etc.)

– Forums

The interest of social media in digital marketing is fundamental. Millions of Internet users use them every day, there are all age groups, all socio-professional categories and many companies are investing in these tools. Social media are therefore a great ground for the growth of a company.

Email marketing

Mail MDE-Marketing by e-mail is very widely practiced. Studies show that 98.8% of e-mail messages reach the recipient and 23% are opened. 5 to 6% of the recipients click on the link that leads to the site. It is a tool for customer acquisition and loyalty. The acquisition can be done via the purchase of a prospect file. Loyalty building can be done via an email after the purchase to ask for the person’s opinion, or to evaluate the customer’s satisfaction.


Affiliation is a performance-based marketing model. It consists of setting up a partnership between an advertiser (who wishes to sell) and a distributor, to promote a product. The distributor will display the advertiser’s message on its site. When an Internet user passes on the diffuser’s site (or affiliate) and clicks on the banner, he is redirected to the advertiser’s site. A remuneration model is set up between the two partners. The affiliate marketing model has many advantages.

Economical, because the e-commerce platform works for you. Also, your product or product range can be displayed on several sites. Finally, based on performance, the affiliation only costs when it has brought revenue or business contacts to the advertiser.

Display or graphic advertising

The display is not a very well known digital marketing technique. It is the purchase of advertising space on very high-traffic web platforms such as YouTube, The Good Corner, discount, etc. You can display your banners, images, videos, flash, etc. on these platforms.

Although it can be used to sell a product, display advertising is above all a tool used to enhance and promote a brand. It is also used when launching a new product line. The display is a real tool for company awareness and acts on people’s minds. A study by Yahoo! shows that among Internet users exposed to an advertisement, only 22% click on it. This study indicates that 78% of customers bought later, without having clicked on the ad.


Marketing via blogs

BlogThe interest of a blog in web marketing is to be able to talk very regularly to its customers. Via online publishing tools, one can easily relay articles on social networks, or other blogs in the same activity. This form of content creation is essential today. The blog and your social pages thus become a constantly renewed source of information. The blog makes it possible to show how your product works, which is a very subtle way of proposing a product or service.

Mobile marketing

The mobile future of the web is in our hands every day. The smartphone is more than ever the companion of the Internet, today more than the computer. Marketing tools must, therefore, integrate this functioning and target mobiles.

This mobile marketing is a set of practices allowing companies to share with mobile users dynamically. It can be done through web processes or via SMS. Among the web tools and processes, we can find websites in responsive design, mobile websites, mobile advertising, mobile SEO, mobile application, mobile email and social networking on mobile (use of Facebook, Twitter, etc..).

Being aware of the results that mobile marketing can have for business activity, it is necessary to develop a mobile strategy in coherence with the global marketing plan of your company.


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Digital marketing: change for a winning approach

The strong growth of digital marketing is pushing many companies to integrate these new methods of customer relations. This is a winning approach for companies with strong growth leverage.


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