Do You Have Heart Disease?

Heart Disease

You could have heart disease and not know it. Billed as a silent killer, heart disease does not cause any warning signs until it is too late in some cases. That is why you should have your heart health checked even if you feel healthy and have not had any symptoms that would indicate a heart ailment.

Actually, heart disease defines a number of conditions that can affect the heart. Therefore, this condition may represent one of a number of ailments. These maladies may include coronary artery disease, blood vessel disease, arrhythmia, or congenital heart defects.

Cardiovascular Disease

Normally, when you get a Bangkok hospital heart check up, the term heart disease will often be referred to as cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular disease involves conditions that are triggered by blocked blood vessels or narrowed arteries. When the circulation becomes constricted, a heart attack can happen.

In some instances, the constrictions can lead to angina, chest pain, or even a stroke. Other conditions of the heart may affect the valves, muscles, or rhythm. By improving your lifestyle, you can eliminate a number of heart disease conditions.

When a woman has cardiovascular disease in Bangkok, she may experience different symptoms than a man. For example, a man is more likely to feel chest pain while women may experience nausea, extreme tiredness, or problems with breathing. Therefore, it is important to note these differences as both can be a sign of heart disease.

Tightness in the Chest

Basically, symptoms may involve chest tightness or angina (discomfort in the chest), shortness of breath, and a pain or numbness in the arms or legs. If the blood vessels have narrowed in the arms and legs, patients may feel coldness, numbness, or pain.

Often, heart disease in Bangkok is not diagnosed until a person has suffered a heart attack or a stroke. Therefore, if you are experiencing chest pain, you should not think that the ailment is minor. You might end up having a heart attack. By scheduling regular tests and evaluations in Bangkok, you can catch cardiovascular disease and have it treated.

Some patients find that their hearts flutter every now and then or do not beat normally. The heart may beat too quickly, irregularly, or at too slow of a pace. When you have this type of condition, you may feel the heart flutter in your chest or you experience tachycardia (a racing pulse or heartbeat). Bradycardia is the medical term used to describe a slower heartbeat.

Defects in the Heart

In some instances, heart disease may be caused by certain defects. These defects usually become noticeable after birth. When a child has a heart defect, he or she may display cyanosis, which is blue or pale gray skin. He or she may also have swollen legs or a swollen abdomen. Serious defects can affect older children and adults. Some of the symptoms may include shortness of breath during exercise or swelling in the feet, ankles or hands. The patient may also tire quite easily during any form of exertion.

As you can see, you should question any of the above symptoms and have them checked by a doctor. Don’t delay this type of inquiry. Schedule an appointment with a heart doctor right away.

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