Everything You Want to Know About French Fry Boxes and Why To Use it?

french fry boxes

Several companies are providing chic, trendier, sturdy and stylish french fry boxes. Custom French fry packaging as the name defines are specifically designed boxes for fries. These boxes widely used at small food stalls as well as restaurants to serve fries fascinatingly. These boxes usually manufacture with Kraft and cardboard materials, which make them more durable and long-lasting. Furthermore, these boxes can be crafted in various shapes, designs, and sizes which offer the convenience of easy reassembling.

By using these boxes, many fast food restaurants, and food stalls quickly sell tons of fries and earn a considerable profit. This is not because of the taste of their chips, but also the packaging in which they hand over the chips to their buyers. Boxes create the first impression on your buyers.

Can be customizable:

Fries, being a favourable sweet is a part of various special occasions that may include bombshell birthday parties, baby showers, bridal showers, etc. tempting and beautifully designed boxes promote your brand at a larger scale. Reputable packaging companies provide you printed French fry containers for serving fries which amaze the onlookers, to recognize your brands. These services help you in customizing these boxes according to your demands, needs, and specifications.

Furthermore, you can customize these boxes in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles, and designs. Large, medium and small plates with top lid boxes usually use for taking away purpose to secure the aroma of the fries. These lid boxes keep your chips hot until it reaches the customer. Whereas, the round shape boxes are used for dine-in services.

You have your company name and logos make your tables more attractive and more comfortable for the onlooker to recognize your brands. Moreover, the customization doesn’t end here; you can choose your desired images, graphics and sleek finishing, including matte, glossy and spot UV.

How french fry boxes shape affect its capacity?

French fry box come in a variety of shapes. Understanding how it might affect the capacity help you to choose the best one which fit your business needs and product volume. Additionally, a container capacity usually measured in stable fry weight or ounces. This measures how many ounces or weight of solid food, such as fries, can fit into the container.

Always remember that the provided capacity are estimated and not exact measurement like liquid ounces since the items vary in various shape and won’t entirely fit the space inside the boxes. That is why each container is measured differently to gauge how many fries it typically hold.

Below are the few shapes of boxes in which french fry boxes come, including;

French fry bags:

The capacity of these shaped bags stops at the lower edge of the bad and allow you to fill most of the bad with fries by leaving a little space at the top. French fry bags are ideal for carrying chips or keeping them in place for transport.

French fry cones:

Regardless, the cone’s capacity varies according to its shape, but its measurement is determined closer to the higher point on the back side. French fry cones are quite beneficial for operations where clients are taking fries on the go. Moreover, they are comfortable to hold and give your food an attractive look.

French fry scoop cups:

These french fry boxes usually shaped like a cup but blended with a scoop design, which provide a space of the container and extra capacity. Its capacity is the measurement around the high point in the back but can vary depending on how you fill it with fries. However, the broad cup base makes these boxes great for resting on tables and also more attractive.

French fry scoops:

The capacity of these boxes is determined near the high point of the back. The size of these boxes can vary depending on how you fill it between the high and low points at the top. Furthermore, it’s upper back, and angled rim also makes it a breeze to scoop product right out of the warmer.

French fry cups:

In this French fry box, no area goes unused because of its beautiful shape. Additionally, the capacity is measured from top to bottom. This style French fries containers are incredibly for guests since the broad base resets on the table quickly and stabilize your products for more consumption.

New use for french fry boxes:

Today, french fry boxes are getting popular, as these boxes are great to serve a variety of appetizers and other items than just fries. These boxes are used to pack mozzarella sticks, fried oysters, onion rings and tater tots, etc. Additionally, these boxes are incredible for serving up all kind of small dishes.

Another benefit of using these boxes is a presentation, as these boxes not only apply to pack fries but also help you to create an attractive looking plate. They are available in lots of styles, which capture the attention of potential consumers.

So if you want to serve the fries in a modern, chic and rustic flair, then french fry boxes are the right choice. By using these boxes, you can easily create a memorable dining experience for your guests.

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