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What Exactly Is A Green Roof?

What Exactly Is A Green Roof?

If the thought of having a home-based garden or green roof fascinates you, or if saving the environment is your primary consideration, the idea of implementing a green roofing system will skyrocket your excitement levels to unimaginable heights.

What Exactly Is A Green Roof

What exactly is a green roof?

Generally, green roof supplements a traditional roof in a manner that a growing medium and vegetation is rightly accommodated. Precisely, a root barrier, irrigation system and draining systems are planted on this roof over a waterproofing membrane.

In comparison to your traditional roofs, green roofs are very energy efficient, and are said to reduce energy costs considerably, improve air quality, absorb storm water, and substantially facilitate in mitigating the urban heat island effect.

What’s in it for me?

Roof Repair And Replacement: Ever wondered how your roof is continuously bombarded with ice, snow, or UV radiation, barely surviving amidst these environmental threats? With green roofing in place, your roof simply lasts longer, avoiding exposure to tremendously low and high temperatures, doubling or even tripling the lifespan of your conventional roof.

Year-round insulation:

Do you find it difficult to cope with the temperature changes? Fear no more because green roofing makes your home pleasantly warm in winter while also ensuring that it’s cool and nice in the summer. Since energy demand will not spike due to this, you would not be turning your face when viewing your electricity bills.

Sound insulation:

Yes, sound insulation is a thing. With green roofing, impact noise is absorbed, allowing you to sleep peacefully without having to live in continuous distractions from the hail, rain, and other environmental noise.

Aesthetic benefits:

Try imagining your house equipped with a green roof, if you don’t like what you see, you must have very unique taste buds – and this not meant to be a compliment. Green roofing is perceived to bolster the aesthetic characteristics of buildings, providing for a very pleasing view.

Additional space:

You can literally walk on your green roof, now, how awesome is that? Thus, green roofing gives you additional space, allowing you to grow herbs and vegetables just like you would do in your garden.

What’s in it for the environment?

Improved air quality:

The vegetation of green roofing aids in filtering the invisible particles and pollution from the air, allowing you to contribute to improved air quality. Additionally, photosynthesis will further allow oxygen to be produced, while reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Less water-related problems:

Since almost half of the rainwater is absorbed by the drainage layer, the substratum, and the vegetation layer, burden on the sewage system is significantly reduced.

Reduction in heat island effect:

If you’re living in a large city or town, the heat island effect is something that you would definitely be exposed to. The heat island effect is a phenomenon where buildings store heat in the day, subsequently radiating it in the nighttime, causing lower humidity levels and higher temperatures. With green roofing system in place, the escalation of this effect is dramatically controlled.

Improved biodiversity:

Green roofing also enhances the general ambience of the city you live in by increasing fauna, for instance, butterflies, birds, and pollinating insects.

What can you get with New York Roofing Systems?

When it comes down to experience, we occupy a good position in the market, which is quite evident from our sizeable clientele, innumerable installation of green roofing systems, and unmatched satisfaction that our customers boast of.

We employ the fundamental engineering principal of function and form, integrate it with common sense, subsequently ensuring that you get an aesthetic, sustainable, and energy efficient solution without compromising on healthy, sustainable growth of vegetation.

EPDM Roofing Installation New York

If you’re looking for a watertight seal for your roof, you’ve come to the right place. The fact that EPDM delivers exceptional water-resistant performance is enough to turn the heads of those looking to protect their roof. In order to ensure that a safe ambience is created, it is important for the surface to be made damage-free and soft on the wet-deck surfaces.

Subsequently, polyurethane binders are leveraged to color the EPDM. The utilization of EPDM in this regard mustn’t surprise you because its characteristic of synthetic rubber membrane guarantees inexpensive rates and durability. Additionally, do not worry about the color of EPDM, it comes in both white and black, so choose what you prefer.

Advantages of EPDM Roofing

Affordable: Unlike other commercial roofing materials like metal, PVC, and TPO, EPDM incurs far less cost. Since it is a single ply membrane, its installation isn’t hectic, and the cost incurred as a result wouldn’t set you back by much. In fact, its replacement is just as inexpensive.

Straightforward maintenance: While other roofing materials entail high maintenance, EPDM roofs can go by without requiring one. Although installing and forgetting about EPDM roofs doesn’t cause too much of a problem, it is recommended to maintain it once in a while so you may prolong its lifespan.

Durability: If you’re thinking about installing an EPDM roof, never worry about its durability because they can last for up to 20 years. However, if you’re a typical organized individual and love to maintain things, you can easily stretch out its lifespan to 50 years!

Resilience: You simply can’t underestimate the resilience of an EPDM as a rubber membrane. It is quite flexible, being able to bend around skylights, pipes, and gutters. Additionally, it is very helpful in resisting extreme temperatures.

Efficiency: If you’re tired of paying excessive sums for your cooling systems, EPDM will greatly assist you. This is because EPDM is breathable, which permits the vapor and heat to escape from inside the building. Also, it keeps your house cool by reflecting heat. In cold weather also, EPDM keeps the building warm, reducing heating costs by a sufficient margin.

Environmental-friendliness: After completing its ample lifespan, EPDM would still be recyclable, allowing for a novel roofing material to be created.

So, what’s the wait about? Sign up for your first EPDM roof and see your comfort levels rise swiftly.

What can you get with New York Roofing Systems?

At New York Roofing Systems, we offer you choice to select whatever color you like. Additionally, we also allow you to customize the width as well, which may start from a measly 7.5 feet, consequently stretching out to a whopping 50 feet.

If this is not enough from a customization viewpoint, we also let you decide the thickness, which can either be 45 mils or 60 mils. Not to forget, EPDM can be attached in two different ways, either by being ballasted or by mechanical means.

If you’re annoyed by the heat, you can also opt for our heavy duty 60 mils, which is built especially to resist heat. In comparison to every other available membranes, heavy duty 60 mils possess a substantial amount of durability and strength that none can match.

Thus, in order to keep our clients satisfied, we offer them flexibility in terms of high quality installation services and custom-cut sizes.

Your demands are our fundamental priority, so feel free to let us know exactly what you want and we would do our utmost best to deliver precisely what you quote.

Metal Roofing Supplies New York

Are you ready to make your roof overwhelmingly beautiful? If yes, then metal roofing is something that would suit you. If you’re under the impression that metal roofing is only reserved for homes designed architecturally, you might need to reconsider your thoughts.

In fact, owners of typical homes highly prefer metal roofing due to the impermeability, longevity, and high level of resistance it offers. These benefits make metal roofs more of an automatic choice for roofing in home and building.

Advantages of Metal Roofing

Lifespan: The lifespan of a typical metal roof is between 40 and 70 years, depending mainly on the material that you choose. However, if you choose to settle with a conventional asphalt roofing, you wouldn’t get as much of a life expectancy.

Durability: If you invest in a good metal roof, your roof would never crack or corrode, nor will it crumble under wind gusts. It would also be impact-resistant. Additionally, you won’t need to frequently give out a large chunk of your money for maintenance cost since metal roofs do not require periodic maintenance, in fact, when they actually do, the cost isn’t something that’d faze you.

Safety: If you live in an area where wildfire is common or lightning frequently strikes, fear no more because metal roofs will never ignite or spark into flames. So, whenever such a hazard decides to show up, you can still sit comfortably in your home.

Energy efficient: If your concepts about physics are strong, you would’ve realized that metal roofs reflect solar radiant heat. This particular phenomenon alone may reduce your cooling costs by a fair bit of margin.

Environmental friendliness: There is little doubt over the fact that metal roofs are built from at least 25% of recycled goods. However, what is little known is the notion that metal roofs are 100% recyclable after they complete their lifespan.

Disadvantages of Metal Roofing

Affordability: In comparison to other roofing materials, metal roofs entail generous upfront investment. However, you may only enjoy the cost benefits of metal roof if your long-term plans do not include relocation to some other house.

Noise: If you’re living under a metal roof, you would never want to experience a hailstorm or a heavy rain because it becomes very noisy. However, this problem may be easily dealt with by adding more insulation at a decent cost.

Expansion/contraction: The materials of metal roofing tend to expand and contract. If you choose a company that doesn’t install your roof properly with fasteners, you may end up with loose panels since the roof will not be allowed to breath.

Inconsistent colors: If you suddenly decide to add a home extension or if your roof require a repair, you might find it very difficult to find the color that matches the color of your current metal.

Performance: Additionally, poorly installed metal roof may allow the water to accumulate, which would account for some serious damage. Moreover, metals that are low-grade may be less durable and thinner. In certain climates, some metals dent or rust in particular climates more easily than others, especially during installation or hailstorms.

Why New York Roofing Systems?

In order to create metal roofs, most people look for steel alloys, copper, and zinc as valid options, all of which New York Roofing Systems provides.

However, if the idea of using these metals doesn’t excite you, we offer you the advantage of opting for custom metal roofs, built especially from the metals of your choice. What differentiates us from the rest is the promise of complete assurance.

We guarantee that the roof we install will be resistant to corrosion, decay, fire, and even damage from insects. Additionally, our installation charges aren’t hefty, thereby they wouldn’t be taking a toll on your pockets.

Single Ply Roofing System

If you perceive dealing with extreme weather conditions as a daunting task, why don’t you let us manage it? New York Roofing Systems is an active provider of single ply roofing system, further allowing you to customize what you buy so that your specific needs are rightly met.

Benefits of Single Ply Roofing And Home Roof Replacement

Proven track record: Single ply roofing has been in the market for several years, undergoing a number of field and laboratory studies. Thus, with single ply roofing, you are promised high performance.

Options for insulation materials: Since insulation factor is not inclusive within the single ply membrane, you can insulate the roof of your facility by browsing a plethora of options.

Choice of retentive or reflective properties: Single ply roofing is designed to be quite reflective. Additionally, the high performance rubber of this roofing offers you exceptional heat retention capabilities, this is immensely useful during cold weather.

Simple installation: The installation of single ply roofing is a very straightforward proposition, neither requiring a lot of effort, nor it is taxing on your bank account.

Flexible and lightweight: The best thing about single ply membrane is choice; you have the freedom of selecting the thickness of membrane on your roof. In comparison to other roofing systems, single ply roofing is lightweight, which wouldn’t put your building under stress.

So, feel free to implement this roof even if you’re living in a house built decades ago. The flexibility of single ply membranes allow the contractor to come up with unique roof designs, also scaling the roof up or down whenever required.

Drawbacks of Single Ply Roofing

Membrane is punctured: The thin layers of single ply membrane are easily susceptible to puncture. This roofing do not have a hard top layer, which may create holes in insulation and rubber, making the roof quite vulnerable to leaks.

UV rays: The adhesives found on the single ply roofing may easily be neutralized by the UV rays, making the seams vulnerable to leaks. In case of a puncture, UV rays may do more damage, further deteriorating the adhesives.

Why New York Roofing Systems?

With New York Roofing Systems, you would have a large variety of materials at your expense, initially overwhelming you. The single ply roofing system that is offered here isn’t ordinary, but is particularly designed to be installed in one layer.

This roofing system is a must-have for every homeowner since the resistance to UV radiation and the overall flexibility it exhibits is impeccable on so many levels. Often, you would find single ply roofing system with white or black finish, being installed, fastened, and glued directly over the insulation material of the roof.

The single ply membranes are characterized by two main groups, which are, thermoplastics and thermosets. The rubber polymers are used to create thermosets.

If you have a large roof, thermosets will work perfectly for you since production size may be used to lower the seam. If you happen to encounter an acid rain situation, single ply roofs will protect you.

In fact, single ply roofs of New York Roofing Systems possess a distinct reflected nature and are extremely lightweight, allowing numerous homeowners in the region to laud with satisfaction.

If you’re after an economically efficient, sustainable option, single ply roofing system would not disappoint you. At New York Roofing Systems, our aim is to protect your facility by providing you with a roof that lasts long. So, we urge you to try our offerings and we’d do everything in our capacity to ensure that you won’t be disappointed.

Roof Coatings Florida

If your roof doesn’t have a high quality coating, you must brace yourself for some ominous indications soon. However, if you firmly trust the offerings of New York Roofing Services, these indications would probably never surface.

The roof coatings are strapped with roofing membranes, are massive in size, and possess sticking properties. However, the main property of a roof coating will always be its ability to stretch, allowing it to attain its initial size without its shape being distorted.

Keeps your building cool: Roof coating that reflects and is white in color will not absorb the rays of sun. This would allow your building to remain cool, even during periods of intense heat.

Reduces consumption of energy: Since the building will remain cool as a result, less energy would be required to power the energy-intensive air conditioning systems, saving you a lot of costs.

Improves Energy Star rating: The dynamicity of Energy Star rating allows you to improve it by making the building more energy efficient. Thus, you may substantially increase the resale value of your building by enhancing its Energy Star rating.

Enhances green reputation: If you’re doing a business, you should do everything in your capacity to promote green initiatives. Therefore, investing in roof coatings and green roofing promises to be a straightforward and affordable solution for this demonstration.

Safeguards against roof leaks: If you manage to add an additional layer to your existing roof, you may entirely get rid of the notion of leakage. In fact, mildew and mold damage would also be limited to an extent.

Increases lifespan of the roof: Of course, it also add years of life to your roof – which is its fundamental purpose. This means that you wouldn’t have to replace your roof every now and then, the cost of which is additional and recurring.

Why should I invest in New York Roofing Services?

New York Roofing Services makes use of a number of dry films, sized differently, ranging from minus or plus 3 drymils to in excess of 40 dry mils.Consequently, roof coating is the layer that is placed on your roof at the end,strengthening your roof by safeguarding it from hail, UV light, and other environmental challenges. Keeping the unpredictable weather conditions into consideration, New York Roofing Systems give out roof coatings that are fully waterproof.

In fact, if you ever complain about your roof being leaked, our team would be there to provide you with the best solution – even after years.

New York Roofing Advice:

Our team at New York Roofing Services recommends suitable material that can cure the problem of leaking. However, we believe that prevention is better than cure, therefore, we try to leave negligible room for improvement, ensuring that the roof coating we provide continue to last for 15 years and beyond.

A large portion of professionals suggest avoiding cool coating, with the major reason being moisture or humidity that occurs when few spots collect rain, moisturizing the shingles to a considerable extent.

New York Roofing Services solves this problem as well by providing roof coatings that reflect, which in turn enhances the lifespan of the roof, allowing the roof to remain cool while also safeguarding it from the UV rays.So, why not make a small initial investment and be set for life than incurring costs every now and then and never be able to sit with a peaceful mind that we, as hard-working individuals, so intensely deserve.

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