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Dubai’s town is among the seven Emirates in UAE and a country. Dubai is one of the handfuls of nations in Asia who have grown in accordance but kept their Eastern sensibility. The people of Dubai have transformed the desert. It boasts of several skyscrapers and the most magnificent buildings.

The nation is home to numerous famous luxurious hotels like the Atlantis Palm, where guests can stay in an underwater area, like an indoor theme park and -the shopping mall. Thomas cook, Dubai sales office, caters to the tourists who want to explore the beautiful places.

The festival is held in January this year’s most busy tourist period. Thomas cook office in Abu Dhabi caters to these busy tourists and help them have the best vacation plans. The great malls provide discounts on every brand.

The very best part is brand launching their sets to their home nation releases concurrently in Dubai. You will not have any trouble keeping up with trends and the most recent style. But if you despise shopping or require a diversion, you may enjoy numerous indoor attractions like giant aquariums, artificial snow regions, gambling area, museums to name a couple.

The populace of Dubai is quite varied and is represented in food, its culture and day to day items. Thomas Cook office in Abu Dhabi has arranged various sightseeing tours for its clients. Along with Dubai sightseeing, shopping, and food, you may enjoy many unique adventures in Dubai such as a magnificent desert feast that ends with a tasty meal followed by a scintillating belly dancing performance right from the desert.

You can rent your favorite luxury car that you dreamt of driving and choose it for a spin on the Dubai roads. Being a genuine oasis in the town of Dubai, Thomas cook Dubai sales office provides its customers with the best getaway for vacation seekers. Among the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is personified.

The City of Gold is famous for its incredible architecture, breath-taking landmarks, the grand shopping festival (obviously) along with the heat of its people. Dubai’s topography is interesting as the town itself.

Nestled alongside the Persian Gulf Coast and surrounded by the desert on the sides. Inside the sea and the property lies some of those attractions and places to visit in Dubai.

Dubai has something for everyone. Appreciate experience? Hire a jeep and explore dunes. In Dubai together with your loved ones? The water and amusement parks such as the world’s largest indoor theme occupied.

After a day of exploring? You’ve got some alternatives that are delicious to select from such as the falafel. Planning to do some searching for your loved ones and yourself? The malls are going to be fun. A visit to Dubai will guarantee you something entertaining.


Located Dubai the United Arab Emirates’ section. It’s the second largest emirate with roughly over 70 percent urban populations.


Each place has a background and Dubai’s base was constructed on it. Ahead of glamour and the glitz not to mention the opulence, at the start of the 20th century, Dubai was also a port and a fishing village. The Souks at Dubai were bustling and big with a throng of businessmen and people.

From the 1960s, when petroleum was found in the area, the destiny of Dubai took a turn. His Highness Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai emirate, made a decision to provide an insight into the enchanting town.

He moved on to create and overhaul the infrastructure to flip it into a bustling and ever-growing megalopolis and one of the greatest cities on the planet. From the early 1990s, the administrative forces of Dubai took a choice to emerge as a significant tourism destination. Since folds have improved, have paid off over the decades.


Since it’s frowned upon, keep away from public display of affection. You’ll be arrested if you’re caught in a public location, for causing a disruption. In case you have plans to see the Jumeirah mosque, then be certain that you pay your head.

The individuals in Dubai to take their legislation very seriously and if you’re caught doing anything illegal, then you’ll be severely penalized.


Arabic is the official language of Dubai. However, a part of the populace speaks widely English. Some individuals speak Urdu, Tamil Malayalam, Hindi, Bengali, and other languages.


The currency of Dubai is your Dirham. The worth of a single Dirham is 17.49 Indian Rupee.

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