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Famous Celebrities & Their Recent Outings with Leather Jackets

Let’s face it, we all have a tendency to favor attractive, good-looking people, and to top it all off, if they are famous then that serves as an icing on the cake. Celebrities are usually that kind of people, they have a certain charisma and charm added to their personality, which pulls the crowds towards them inevitably. However, every celebrity knows what they stand for, and while their individual style speaks a lot about them, it is just the way they dress themselves for the public which really makes a loud and bold statement for them. Here are some celebrities who were recently observed donning the leather jacket allowing the public and the paparazzi to have a share of their fascinations and obsessions they feel towards them:

Amanda Seyfried

This Mean Girls star has shown the world how much talent she has over the years. While there are millions of fans rooting for her every performance across the globe, it was her Givenchy leather jacket at the Paris Fashion Week Show that got us all with a pleasant surprise. She looked dazzlingly attractive as ever and gave off all the right vibes to make every person’s heard turn who were also attending the show in the first row.


Queen-B is probably one of the most famous people around the world and her work in the music industry makes her one of the bestselling artists of all time. With over 22 Grammy Awards and various appearances at the big-screen, Beyoncé stood at the top spot for Forbes most powerful female entertainer in 2015 and 2017. Which just goes to show that if you find her wearing a leather jacket it has got to be designed by Jennifer Kassell of Understated Leather who fuses her Australian roots with a Texan lifestyle to create masterpieces for celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Lady Gaga as well.

Cara Delevingne

Often called as a tom-boy of the modeling industry, and the winner of “Model of the Year” award at British Fashion Awards of 2012, you simply cannot tell her what she needs to do. Portraying her free spirit always she was recently observed wearing a stunning biker leather jacket at the launch of Volkswagen T-Cross in Amsterdam last year in October.

Cindy Crawford

The OG supermodel who is probably the most attractive person on the planet knows how to carry herself in style. This international celebrity who is a well-known actress and spokesperson showed us how it is done when she adorned an olive-colored leather jacket during her casual Friday shopping trip in West Hollywood last Friday. Though she is 52 years old, her beauty and magnetism make her 10 years younger.

Gigi Hadid

The American fashion model who was named as the International Model of the Year by the British Fashion Council in 2016, has been featured in several music videos of popular artists. Able to set the pulse racing in an eye blink, Hadid was observed wearing a Matrix Movie Trilogy inspired leather coat during her recent outing in December 2018. Seems like nowadays leather is increasingly being deemed as the new fur since many stars and popular media personalities consider a leather-less wardrobe as simply incomplete.

Jessica Alba

Even though she is a mother of three adorable children, this Dark Angel superstar doesn’t let anything get to her. This 37-year old actress seems to be at the top of her game these days and it was her lunch with daughter Honor at Beverly Hills last year in November which showed us exactly that. Rocking a black leather jacket not only did she look fiercely attractive but also reminded us why she was our dream girl during the start of the new millennium.

Kristen Stewart

Who can forget the American actress and model which quickly rose to fame with the hit Twilight movies series in 2008. Her movies earned a total of over $4.3 billion across the globe as she became a heartthrob for many young fans. It was at the Canners Film Festival last year in 2018 where she showed off her edgy style wearing a biker jacket. Though her intention was to remain low key for the entire event, but all her fans could not stop from admitting how amazing she looked.

Selena Gomez

This pop icon is a global megastar and probably the most wanted on our list. With only 26 years of age, she is not only a refined actress but also a great musician in her own right. It was in November 2018 where she was seen nailing an All Saints black leather jacket. She looked gorgeous in her timeless chic style. The garment was soft leather with a slim fit featuring handy zip cuffs along with a trendy belted hem making it the ultimate staple for anyone’s wardrobe.

We hope you like our ensemble of the popular celebrities wearing leather jackets in recent times. However, we may come as a feminist of sorts through this post, we assure you of our neutral pedigrees by informing you that we will follow up our act with the list for the best men’s leather jackets on sale pretty soon. So stay in touch as we bring other tasty delights for you to chomp on in the future from the world of fame and popularity.

Famous Celebrities & Their Recent Outings with Leather Jackets

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