What is Feng Shui and How to Apply It at Home?

What is Feng Shui

What Exactly is Feng Shui?

Feng shui is something that is meant to enhance the space of your home, or office or area you want. It does it by giving a good flow of positive vibe or energy in the space. Chi or we also spell it as qi is a term used for Feng shui which means the universal energy present in or around us. Therefore, the motto of feng shui is the direct flow of energy within the space for a positive environment.

Feng shui is undoubtedly an ancient practice and not a single article can inspire you to put it. You have to deeply study it. Therefore, we will start by dividing it into some points from basic concepts to its principles. Thus, it will be easier for you to understand it.

What is Feng Shui and its purpose?

Over the last 30 years the concept of feng shui has been widely followed in american homes. However, its design is the base which was first made in China. Feng means wind, shui means water, these phrases are taken from the old poem about the link between human life and the universe.

How does a It work?

It might take years to fully understand the concept of feng shui. However, the basic concept of feng shui is that it tells us that we all are made and surrounded by different energies. And not just even the smallest stone that you see on the road has a different enfery. The chinese who originated this call these energies as Chi. Therefore, feng shui is the art of science that arranges these elements in the maximum possible way to allow the positive flow of the energies. Therefore, according to ancient researchers these elements are called the five elements which are fire, water, wood and metal.

1. Fire

Fire is the energy of the sun, and the symbol of creativity and happiness or a new hope. It also has a love, passion and romance element. Fire comes in different shades like, red, yellow, orange, pink, purple and magenta. Light a candle in any of these colors to fill this space with it.

2. Wood

Wood and its element is the symbol of the long lasting growth and wealth. Therefore, it is also an element of abundance. It comes in brown and green colors. To flourish the space with these elements you can use green plants, pillows, or anything similar.

3. Earth

Earth comes in the position of Protection, stability and support. Therefore, it gives us the sense of gratitude and peace. Thus, it is an important element to relieve your stress and busy life. This element of earth you can express in sandy, beige, and taupe colors, well recommended for the bedroom. You can put this element in the form of pottery, rugs of beige colors. Light yellow pillows, photos or images. 

4. Metal

Metal provides structure, discipline and efficiency. It brings a sense of calms and eliminates the sense of obstacles. You can use colors like white, or grey. Choose it to balance the warn places. Therefore, you can use this element in the form of wall decorations, metal frames, white pillows and rugs.

5. Water

Water is one of the most powerful elements. What is the symbol of fresh energy and harmony? Giving a sense of renewal and smooth flow. Moreover, it is a symbol of abundance the colors denote it are blue, and black. Use mirrors, fountains, blue rugs, or decorative pieces.

You must have noticed that each element is denoted with a color. Therefore, color plays a very important role in displaying the element and for it to work in the right way for you.

How do you Feng shui your home?

1. Using the front Doors

Yes, we know that it is easier to enter your home from the back door, if you have the two door house. However as cper the Feng shui concept, by entering your house from the back door and limiting the front door, you are stopping the opportunities. Hence it is suggested that at least once a week you should use your front door to enter your home.

4. Fixing of Squeakes

Ok so after the discussion of opening and entering the door. But do you know that sound that your door makes when you open or close it? Well if your door makes such a sound like it is crying please mend it for your well-being. Many people avoid it as it becomes a part of their living. However, you should mend any door making such a sound, but entry door is the main thing.

3. Feng Shui Fountain

As we mentioned above, water represents wealth in feng shui. Most people do not know where they should place these fountains. According to the feng shui concept, placing the fountain at the entry point is beneficial. However, you still put it outside the home, but the entrance is suggested.

4. Cleaning all windows

Cleaning is essential to invite success in your life, according to feng shui the cleaner your space is the more chances you will attract good vibes. So make sure to make a day out of your busy living and clean up all those widows. For a better energy flow.

5. Balancing the Five Elements

The five elements that we discussed above should be balanced equally. You need to do a good deep study on the them. Try searching on the internet or explore the decor stores. Thus, find out those pieces that would best fit under each element category. Remember the more you will study it the more perfectly you will put it.

And the more perfectly you will put it the more fortune you will attract in your life. So make sure you follow each step carefully and share it. Thank you 🙂

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