Forehead wrinkles: Dermal Fillers or Botox Treatment

Dermal Fillers or Botox Treatment

The first tell-tale signs of aging are forehead wrinkles, and it’s impossible to avoid as we age The maintenance of beauty is options for clearing your face of marks of aging. So, which one is the best option for reducing forehead wrinkles?

The two most popular procedures are Juvederm and Botox which helps to fight signs of wrinkles, but these two procedures are drastically different.

Botox is a drug that partially paralyzes muscle. As a result of not being reinforced by continuous muscular contraction, the wrinkle fades.

On the other hand, Dermal Fillers as the name suggests, fill in existing wrinkles.

Another reason why people may seem older is the loss of facial tone. As time moves, everyone begins to lose volume in their facial area. And, this deficiency in volume causes sagging of the skin. And we think about dermal fillers and Botox.

Are you confused about which would be most successful in erasing the revealing signs of aging? With so much intensive publicity, how does one determine which to choose? The specialists in “Beverly Hills Wellness Center & Med Spa” have complete knowledge about both procedures and are happy to describe the best treatment for you.

To remove deep forehead wrinkles: Botox Treatment

Most of the patients choose Botox because it’s simple, quick and the procedure that only takes very less time. You can start your treatments of softening those deep forehead furrows in simple one visit. The plasma in each treatment stops the tightening of these muscles that are the cause of the lines in the first place. The treatments are FDA certified.

Botox specialists in West Palm Beach will evaluate your facial formation to decide where to inject. It freezes the muscles at the selected area. We assure safety and effectiveness by finding the area to reduce the wrinkles. Our Botox specialist prefers to treat aging wrinkles before they set deep in the skin.

This enables us to block permanent creases and marks in the skin. Our professional staffs offer Botox specials West Palm Beach to reverse the signs of aging. We suggest starting before lines start as an early precautionary measure.

Dermal Fillers for forehead wrinkles

Static wrinkles are noticeable when the face is relaxed and at rest. As people age, the dermal layer of the skin becomes permeable. The loss of flexibility and fullness is shown in static wrinkles. Dynamic wrinkles can also become permanent and no longer disappear when the face is relaxed. Dermal fillers Specialist in West Palm Beach can help to reduce these types of creases by adding volume to the dermal layer. This plumps up the tissue return it to the same position to that of youth and push out the creases. The time of results and possible side effects change with the type of filler used.


Whether dermal fillers or Botox is the right option for you will rely upon the positioning of your facial muscles and the type of wrinkles or folds you have. In some cases, a combination of the two is needed to soften both static and dynamic wrinkles. Also, the muscular structure of the forehead in some people may influence them to unwanted side effects, such as eyelid sagging.

With so many different factors to consider, it’s important to consider your treatment options in a meeting with the experts in “Beverly Hills Wellness Center & Med Spa” clinic who will be treating you.

We will make sure that you will get aware by our specialist and looking forward to your treatment.

Are you weary of seeing those deep forehead signs of aging? Contact us now to make your first step to a younger and refresh the look.


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